AgilCare® Pro Katalog EN

AgilCare® Pro is not approved or intended to be used in any medical, diagnostic or to serve a therapeutic purpose. The intended use of AgilCare® Pro is as a unit of device and software exclusively in body care, especially for the targeted reduction of parasites. Any designation of organs, symptoms or diagnoses in AgilCare® Pro is only used to narrow down the information from the device in a way that is easy to understand emitted frequency pattern for selected parasites. The applications of AgilCare® Pro are not suitable for this or licensed to aim at altering or recognizing the organs, symptoms, diagnoses or bodily functions mentioned therein.

Current catalog excerpt of the frequency samples for AgilCare® Pro (from May 17, 2024).

This is probably the world’s largest catalog of application entries. A selection of them is listed here. and is administered by Dr. Ullrich Medizintechnik GmbH is constantly expanding. Please note that no diagnostic or therapy instructions can be derived from this information. This information is only educational information for those interested. If you have any signs of illness, please contact a healthcare professional.

Extensions are free for AgilCare® Pro users.

Catalog in English language.

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