AgilCare® Pro Katalog EN

AgilCare® Pro is not approved or intended to be used in any medical, diagnostic or to serve a therapeutic purpose. The intended use of AgilCare® Pro is as a unit of device and software exclusively in body care, especially for the targeted reduction of parasites. Any designation of organs, symptoms or diagnoses in AgilCare® Pro is only used to narrow down the information from the device in a way that is easy to understand emitted frequency pattern for selected parasites. The applications of AgilCare® Pro are not suitable for this or licensed to aim at altering or recognizing the organs, symptoms, diagnoses or bodily functions mentioned therein.

Current catalog excerpt of the frequency samples for AgilCare® Pro (from January 2, 2024).

This is probably the world’s largest catalog of application entries. A selection of them is listed here. and is administered by Dr. Ullrich Medizintechnik GmbH is constantly expanding. Please note that no diagnostic or therapy instructions can be derived from this information. This information is only educational information for those interested. If you have any signs of illness, please contact a healthcare professional.

Extensions are free for AgilCare® Pro users.

A19 Appetite, lack of General disorder
A20 Appetite, shortage General disorder
A92 Frigidity General disorder
A214 Fatigue, chronic General disorder
A252 Parasites in general General disorder
A261 Pollinosis (hay fever) General disorder
A262 Polyps General disorder
A266 Pruritus (itching in the anus) General disorder
A270 Travel sickness General disorder
A285 Insomnia General disorder
A295 Exhaustion, rapid General disorder
A304 Sexuality, various disorders General disorder
A312 Stenosis General disorder
A331 Nausea General disorder
A332 Acidification General disorder
A334 Varices (varicose veins) General disorder
A369 Stress relief General disorder
C27 Adynamia geriatric (fatigue of elderly people) General disorder
C35 Akathisia General disorder
C59 Anal itching (also use -Parasites enterobiasis- or -Parasites in general-) General disorder
C76 Appetite, lack of General disorder
C103 Ataxia (muscle incoordination, in some cases slow progress) General disorder
C104 Ataxia, spastic General disorder
C204 Quietening General disorder
C347 Fatigue, chronic (also use parasites, roundworms etc. if necessary, also EBV, fatigue, and leukemia) General disorder
C348 Fatigue, chronic v General disorder
C361 Celiac disease General disorder
C375 Colic General disorder
C395 Convulsions 1 General disorder
C396 Convulsions, spastic General disorder
C489 Dog and cat hostility General disorder
C532 Energy, vitality General disorder
C573 Fatigue, general General disorder
C586 Fibromyalgia (run -Detox- afterwards if needed) General disorder
C587 Fibromyalgia 1 General disorder
C588 Fibromyalgia 2 General disorder
C589 Fibromyalgia TR (includes muscle relaxtion frequencies) General disorder
C595 Fissures General disorder
C608 Frequency fatigue (tiredness that is not detox from using frequency generator too long) General disorder
C626 Antiseptic in general General disorder
C628 Antiseptic in general 1 General disorder
C629 Antiseptic in general 1 General disorder
C632 Malady in general General disorder
C633 Blaster program in general 5 General disorder
C635 Prophylaxis in general General disorder
C666 Hangover (see also Kidney and Liver support frequencies) General disorder
C669 Headaches General disorder
C670 Headaches caused by vertebral misalignment (not a substitute for adjustment) General disorder
C671 Headaches, various General disorder
C674 Headaches, unknown cause General disorder
C676 Healing and regeneration General disorder
C691 Hemorrage General disorder
C882 Intestinal problems general (also see -Parasites in general- set and -Antiseptic in general-) General disorder
C1000 Meniere’s disease 1 General disorder
C1001 Meniere’s disease 2 General disorder
C1002 Meniere’s disease (auditory vertigo associated with deafness and tinnitus, also use -Antiseptic in general-) General disorder
C1030 Motion sickness (also see -Nausea-) General disorder
C1359 Regeneration and healing General disorder
C1360 Regeneration and healing 1 General disorder
C1361 Relaxation, to produce General disorder
C1364 Reproductive General disorder
C1369 Rheuma (watery discharge from nose or eyes) General disorder
C1370 Rheumaticus General disorder
C1412 Schumann resonance (earth frequencies which may be relaxing) General disorder
C1444 Sleeping sickness General disorder
C1546 Taste, lack of General disorder
C1611 Ulcer, ventricular General disorder
C1612 Ulcer, ventricular General disorder
C1613 Ulcers in general General disorder
C1632 Viral complex TR General disorder
C1656 Wound healing (see also -Antiseptic in general) General disorder
VEG3 Chronic Fatigue v General disorder
U5 Acidosis (hyperacidity) General disorder
U8 Acupuncture disturbance field (scar focus) General disorder
U83 Chemical sensitivity General disorder
U87 Chronic fatigue syndrome General disorder
U96 Convulsions General disorder
U99 Cramps General disorder
U130 Improve electrolyte levels (water, sodium, potassium) General disorder
U146 Fatigue General disorder
U151 Fissures General disorder
U222 Insomnia General disorder
U271 Muscle tension (to relax) General disorder
U275 Nausea General disorder
U286 Obesity (only one report on this frequency) General disorder
U326 Prophylaxis in general General disorder
U338 Relaxation, to produce General disorder
U341 Rheumatism General disorder
U354 Sleeping sickness General disorder
U372 Stones General disorder
U410 Varicoses General disorder
U414 Vertigo General disorder
U419 Wound healing General disorder
U420 Wound healing, delayed General disorder
A24 Asthma breathing
A25 Bronchitis, asthmatic breathing
A43 Bronchitis breathing
A146 Cough breathing
A193 Pulmonary fibrosis breathing
A194 Lung strengthening breathing
A257 Pneumonia breathing
A370 Cough, persistent breathing
A371 Chlamydia pneumoniae breathing
C50 Alternaria tenuis (a fungus associated with lung ailments) breathing
C98 Asthma (also see -Liver support- and -Parasites ascaris- and use -Mycoplasma in general- if needed) breathing
C99 Asthma 1 breathing
C100 Asthma 2 breathing
C101 Asthma v breathing
C183 Breathing, deep breathing
C187 Bronchiectasis (chronic dilatation of the bronchi) breathing
C188 Bronchitis breathing
C189 Bronchitis, secondary breathing
C362 Cold 1 breathing
C363 Cold 2 breathing
C364 Cold 3 breathing
C365 Cold 4 breathing
C366 Cold 5 breathing
C367 Cold 6 breathing
C369 Cold and flu breathing
C370 Cold and flu, winter 01 breathing
C371 Cold in head chest (Mutates constantly, too many strains to include complete list of frequencies, see also -Strep Pneumonia- -Adenovirus- -Rhinitis- -Coronavirus- -Sinusitis- -Pneumonia- -Chest infection- and -Rhino pneumonitis- sets, use lots of echinacea at onset to prevent cell damage that prolongs healing, even if correct frequencies are found) breathing
C373 Cold, 2005 TR breathing
C405 Coughing breathing
C406 Cough lingering TR breathing
C407 Cough from flu shot 1 breathing
C427 Croup (characterized by a loud cough that resembles the barking of a seal, difficulty breathing, and a grunting noise or wheezing during breathing) breathing
C480 Diplococcus pneumoniae HC breathing
C522 Emphysema (use with -mycoplasma pulmonis- -mycoplasma pneumonia- and -parasite frequencies, especially roundworm) breathing
C523 Emphysema, various breathing
C663 Bad breath (see also -Streptococcus pneumonia-, -staphylococcal aureus-, -pharyngitis-, -dental-, -parasites in general- and -antiseptic in general-) breathing
C900 Klebsiella pneumoniae (use -Pneumoniae klebsiella-) breathing
C939 Lung in general breathing
C941 Lung infection 1 breathing
C942 Lung, general tonic breathing
C943 Lung, sinus bacteria breathing
C1076 Mycoplasma pneumonia breathing
C1077 Mycoplasma pulmonis breathing
C1107 Nocardia asteroides (the microorganism causing Nocardiosis, an infectious pulmonary disease characterized by abscesses in the lungs, also see -Streptothrix-) breathing
C1119 Ornithosis (Psittacosis or Parrot Fever, an infectious pneumonia transmitted by certain birds) breathing
C1134 Ovum breathing
C1282 Pertussis (whooping cough) breathing
C1283 Pertussis, secondary breathing
C1295 Pleurisy (inflammation of the lung membrane and abdominal lining) breathing
C1297 Pneumocystis carnii (fungus which causes pneumonia usually developing in the immune suppressed or in infants) breathing
C1298 Pneumonia 1 breathing
C1300 Pneumonia 2 breathing
C1301 Pneumonia, bronchial (inflammation of bronchii and lungs) breathing
C1302 Pneumonia in general (see also -Pneumonia klebsiella- -Pneumonia mycoplasma- -Pneumonia bronchial- -Pneumonocystis carnii- -Streptococcus pneumoniae-, if no or slow results- try -Mycoplasma in General-) breathing
C1303 Pneumonia in general (see also -Pneumonia klebsiella- -Pneumonia mycoplasma- -Pneumonia bronchial- -Pneumonocystis carnii- -Streptococcus pneumoniae-, if no or slow results, try -Mycoplasma in General-)-continued breathing
C1304 Pneumonia in general v breathing
C1305 Pneumonia mycoplasma (a contagious pneumonia of children and young adults, see also -Mycoplasma in General-) breathing
C1307 Pneumoniae klebsiella (causes an acute, bacterial pneumonia) breathing
C1308 Pneumoniae klebsiella HC breathing
C1309 Pneumovirus (causes bronchiolitis and pneumonia in infants, use -Respiratory syncitial virus-) breathing
C1343 Pulmonary fibrosis (use also -Parasite- -Roundworm- frequencies and see -Antiseptic in general-) breathing
C1345 Pyocyaneus (homeopathic nosode for Pseudomonas pyocyanea) breathing
C1365 Respiratory syncytial virus breathing
C1366 Respiratory syncytial virus HC breathing
C1405 Sarcoidosis (also see Cancer- lymphogranuloma) breathing
C1501 Streptococcus Sweep TR breathing
C1513 Streptococcus pneumoniae, hi alt breathing
C1514 Streptococcus pneumoniae, mixed flora breathing
VEG19 Pneumonia v breathing
U35 Asthma breathing
U63 Asthma, bronchial breathing
U64 Bronchitis breathing
U65 Pneumonia, bronchial breathing
U90 Cold in head- chest (Mutates constantly- too many strains to include complete list of frequencies) breathing
U150 Fibrosis of lung (on chest) breathing
U168 Glanders, Pseudomonas Mallei breathing
U250 Lungen breathing
U314 Pertussis breathing
U322 Pneumonia breathing
U417 Whooping cough breathing
A26 Eyes, arteriosclerotic eyes
A27 Eyes, blurred vision eyes
A34 Conjunctivitis eyes
A71 Eyes, inflammation eyes
A115 Glaucoma eyes
A144 Hordeolum (stye on the eyelid) eyes
A164 Cataract, not diabetic eyes
A310 Cataract eyes
A311 Glaucoma eyes
C308 Cataract (use a special eye-specific antioxidant nutritional supplement for all macular degeneration problems) eyes
C309 Cataract 1 eyes
C310 Cataract 2 eyes
C311 Cataracts (brown cloudiness in old age) eyes
C312 Cataract, complicated (secondary type, caused by illness, degeneration, or surgery) eyes
C313 Cataract in general eyes
C391 Conjunctivitis (also known as pink eye, use -Chlamydia trachomatis- and -Bacillus subtilis- if necessary) eyes
C563 Eye diseases (blurred vision, cataracts, crossed eyes, diplopia, infections, etc.) eyes
C564 Eye inflammation (see also -antiseptic in general-) eyes
C565 Eyelid droop (see also -Ptosis-) eyes
C566 Eye glaucoma eyes
C567 Eyesight, to sharpen eyes
C975 Macular degeneration and visual acuity (see also cataract applications) eyes
C976 Macular degeneration 1 eyes
C1636 Visual acuity eyes
U78 Cataract eyes
U94 Conjunctivitis (reports are available for left and right temple) eyes
U138 Eye inflammation (reports are available for left and right temple) eyes
U139 Eye diseases (blurred vision, cataracts, crossed eyes, diplopia, infections, etc.) eyes
U140 Eyes (glaucoma) eyes
U321 Ptosis (eyelid droop) eyes
U376 Sty, also stye, bacterial infection of an oil gland in the eyelid eyes
A39 Blood purification Blood quality
A191 Leukocyte strengthening Blood quality
C9 Aconite (stimulate lymphocyte production) Blood quality
C161 Blood diseases Blood quality
C660 Haemophilia tonic (hereditary bleeding disorders in which the blood does not readily clot) Blood quality
C690 Hemophilia Blood quality
C879 Interleukin (used to stimulate lymphocyte production) Blood quality
C918 Leukocytogenesis stimulation (see also Immune system stimulation) Blood quality
C924 Leukose (proliferation of tissues that form white blood cells, considered to be foundational stage of leukemia, see also -Cancer Leukemia- -Parasites in general- -Parasite fluke- sets) Blood quality
C987 Mannan Blood quality
C1647 Werlhof Blood quality
U52 Blood diseases Blood quality
U244 Leukocytogenesis, stimulates Blood quality
A10 Alcoholism Drugs, alcohol
A11 Hangover Drugs, alcohol
A58 Drug addiction Drugs, alcohol
A6 Adrenaline levels, to increase Glands, hormones
A59 Glands, swollen Glands, hormones
A195 Lymph glands Glands, hormones
A196 Lymphatic swelling Glands, hormones
A197 Lymphatic congestion Glands, hormones
A227 Adrenal glands, strengthening Glands, hormones
A280 Hyperthyroidism Glands, hormones
A281 Hypothyroidism Glands, hormones
A282 Thyroid strengthening Glands, hormones
A360 Pineal gland (epiphysis) Glands, hormones
C768 Hyperthyroidism Glands, hormones
C772 Hypothyroidism Glands, hormones
C1289 Pineal gland, to stimulate Glands, hormones
U171 Glandular fever, pituitary gland Glands, hormones
U172 Glandular fever, sex Glands, hormones
U173 Glandular fever, thymus Glands, hormones
U174 Glandular fever, thyroid experimental Glands, hormones
U175 Goiter experimental Glands, hormones
U202 Hormonal imbalances Glands, hormones
U254 Lymph glands Glands, hormones
U255 Lymph glands, to stimulate Glands, hormones
U256 Lymph nodes in neck, swollen Glands, hormones
U257 Lymph stasis Glands, hormones
U318 Pineal, to stimulate Glands, hormones
U390 Thalamus Glands, hormones
U394 Thymus, to stimulate Glands, hormones
A28 Anesthetic poisons, removal of detoxification
A29 Auto intoxication detoxification
A69 Detoxification, to promote detoxification
A70 Narcotics, to detoxify detoxification
A183 Food poisoning detoxification
A240 Nicotine poisoning detoxification
A338 Poisoning detoxification
C112 Auto intoxication detoxification
C330 Chemical sensitivity (see also -Liver support-) detoxification
C331 Chemtrail detox (can also be useful for lung and sinus problems) detoxification
C381 Complete set of early John Crane detoxification
C387 Complete set of early Royal Raymond Rife detoxification
C465 Detox and lymphs detoxification
C467 Detox, to assist detoxification
C468 Detox 1 detoxification
C492 Drug addiction detoxification
C518 Electrosmog 1 detoxification
C605 Food poisoning (some classes, also use -Salmonella typhimurium- and see -Antiseptic in general-, -Abdominal pain- and -Abdominal inflammation-) detoxification
C655 Griseofulvin detoxification
C673 Headaches due to toxicity detoxification
C683 Heavy metal toxicity TR detoxification
C972 Lymphs and detox detoxification
C1012 Mercury toxicity v detoxification
C1013 Methotrexate toxicity detoxification
C1017 Mold (see also specific types) detoxification
C1018 Mold and fungus in general v (see also specific types) detoxification
C1284 Pesticide detox (see also Liver and Kidney support, Circulatory and Lymph stasis frequencies) detoxification
C1317 Postsurgery detoxification (also use saunas and electrolyte replacement) detoxification
C1432 Silver detoxification
C1445 Slipped discs (spasms from microbial toxins) detoxification
C1533 Surgery anaesthesia detox (see also -Liver support-) detoxification
C1570 Toxin elimination detoxification
VEG14 Mercury v detoxification
U41 Auto intoxication detoxification
U118 Drug addiction detoxification
U155 Food poisoning detoxification
U185 Headaches, due to toxicity detoxification
U382 Surgical, detoxification of anaesthesia (Detox also requires post-recovery saunas with electrolyte replacement) detoxification
U398 Toxins, to eliminate detoxification
A72 Connective tissue, inflammation Inflammation
A73 Pelvis, inflammation Inflammation
A74 Inflammation in general Inflammation
A75 Abdomen, inflammation Inflammation
A206 Meningitis (inflammation of the brain) Inflammation
A221 Myelitis Inflammation
A225 Epididymitis Inflammation
A248 Orchitis Inflammation
A249 Ostitis Inflammation
A254 Peritonitis (inflammation of the peritoneum) Inflammation
A265 Prostatitis Inflammation
A272 Rheumatic arthritis Inflammation
A273 Pleurisy Inflammation
A287 Bursitis Inflammation
A288 Mucous membrane, inflammation Inflammation
A303 Tendonitis Inflammation
A314 Stomatitis thrush canker sores Inflammation
A326 Tonsilitis Inflammation
A358 Cervicitis Inflammation
C1 Abdominal inflammation Inflammation
C65 Ankylosing spondylitis (arthritis of the spine) Inflammation
C82 Arthritis A Inflammation
C83 Arthritis arthralgia due to gout Inflammation
C84 Arthritis, arthrosis, and parathyroid disturbances affecting calcium metabolism Inflammation
C85 Arthritis of focal origin gastrogenic tonsiltogenic and paresis Inflammation
C86 Arthritis in general (use -Strep pneumonia- and -Mycoplasma in general- if needed) Inflammation
C88 Arthritis 1 Inflammation
C90 Arthritis, rheumatoid (cause could be bacteria like strep pneumoniae, chlamydia pneumonia, mycoplasma fermentans, or dental bacteria which must be addressed too, also try -Antiseptic in general- and -Parasites roundworms in general- if no response) Inflammation
C91 Arthritis, secondary Inflammation
C199 Bursitis (may be caused by any number of organisms and viruses, experiment with arthritis frequencies as well) Inflammation
C305 Carpal tunnel, secondary (also use -Arthritis-) Inflammation
C314 Catarrh Inflammation
C324 Cervicitis (womb neck inflammations) Inflammation
C422 Crocus sotillus Inflammation
C438 Cystitis, chronic (long-term inflammation of the urinary bladder and ureters) Inflammation
C524 Encephalitis (inflammation of the tissues of the brain and spinal cord) Inflammation
C541 Enterohepatitis (inflammation of bowel and liver) Inflammation
C548 Epididymitis (inflammation of testicle area, ducts, see also -Orchitis-) Inflammation
C645 Gonads, inflammation (use -Orchitis-) Inflammation
C788 Inflammation in general (also see -Infection in general- sets) Inflammation
C883 Intestines, inflammation (see also -Colitis-) Inflammation
C889 Joint inflammation (also see -Arthritis- sets) Inflammation
C921 Leukoencephalitis (inflammation of brain’s white matter, usually in infants and children, but also found in horses as a result of forage poisoning) Inflammation
C922 Leukoencephalitis, secondary Inflammation
C928 Listeriose (a serious disease causing miscarriage, meningitis, and endocarditis in humans, known as circling disease in ruminants and causes liver necrosis in animals with single stomachs, also see -Streptococcus in general- and Infection in general-) Inflammation
C970 Lymphangitis (lymphatic vessel inflammation of humans and horses most commonly caused by streptococcus but also by other bacteria, yeast fungus and cancer, see also -Streptococcus in general-) Inflammation
C989 Mastitis (an inflamed breast usually caused by bacterial infection) Inflammation
C990 Mastoiditis (inflammation of the bony structure of the head in the region of the ears below the eyes) Inflammation
C1005 Meningitis (inflammation of the membranes that envelop the brain and spinal cord, bacterial, also use -Streptococcus pneumoniae-, -Influenza haemophilus type B- and see -Listeriose- and -Leptospirosis-, viral also use -Echo-, -Coxsacki-, and -Polio-) Inflammation
C1006 Meningitis, secondary Inflammation
C1007 Meningitis, tertiary Inflammation
C1039 Mucous membrane inflammation in general Inflammation
C1040 Mucoviscidosis (use -Cystic fibrosis-) Inflammation
C1083 Myositis (involves progressive muscle weakness) Inflammation
C1104 Neurosis Inflammation
C1116 Orchitis (inflammation of testes due to TB, mumps, gonorrhea, cancer, bacteria, etc., see also causative condition if known) Inflammation
C1117 Orchitis (inflammation of testes due to TB, mumps, gonorrhea, cancer, bacteria, etc., see also causative condition if known) Inflammation
C1118 Orchitis, secondary Inflammation
C1120 Osteitis (bone inflammation) Inflammation
C1121 Osteoarthritis (use also -Arthritis-) Inflammation
C1122 Osteoitis Inflammation
C1123 Osteomyelitis Inflammation
C1125 Osteosinusitis, max Inflammation
C1126 Ostitis Inflammation
C1127 Otitis externa (outer ear infection, also see -Pseudomonas aeruginosa-) Inflammation
C1128 Otitis medinum (middle ear swelling and or infection and fever, use also -Streptococcus pneumonia- if no immediate benefits) Inflammation
C1129 Otosclerosis Inflammation
C1267 Pelvic inflammatory disease Inflammation
C1268 Pelvic inflammatory disease Inflammation
C1287 Phlebitis (vein inflammation) Inflammation
C1554 Thrombophlebitis (inflammation of vein walls from clotting, use on lab animals only, see also -Circulatory stasis- and -Stroke followup-) Inflammation
C1555 Thrombosis infective herpes type (not to be used with arrhythmia) Inflammation
C1566 Tonsillitis (inflammation of tonsils) Inflammation
C1567 Tooth extraction followup (see also -Antiseptic in general-) Inflammation
C1616 Urethritis (also see -Vaginosis- and use -Chlamydia trachomatis-) Inflammation
U1 Abdominal inflammation Inflammation
U27 Antiseptic effect Inflammation
U32 Arthritis (many different organisms can cause arthritis, so there are many different frequencies here) Inflammation
U33 Arthritis, rheumatoid (muscles and tendons) Inflammation
U34 Arthritis, focal origin gastrogenic, tonsiltogenic, and paresis Inflammation
U71 Bursitis (may be caused by any number of organisms and viruses, experiment with arthritis frequencies as well) Inflammation
U79 Catarrh Inflammation
U82 Cervicitis, womb neck inflammations Inflammation
U85 Chilblains Inflammation
U131 Epididymitis (inflammation of testicle area, ducts) Inflammation
U134 Erysipelas (skin inflammation) caused by streptococcus pyogenes, etc. Inflammation
U165 Gangrene Inflammation
U176 Gonads, inflammation Inflammation
U177 Gonorrhea Inflammation
U220 Inflammation Inflammation
U230 Intestines, inflammation Inflammation
U234 Joints, inflamed Inflammation
U262 Meningitis Inflammation
U269 Mucous membrane inflammation Inflammation
U290 Osteoarthritis Inflammation
U291 Osteoitis Inflammation
U292 Osteomyelitis Inflammation
U312 Periodontal disease Inflammation
U313 Peritonitis Inflammation
U320 Pleurisy Inflammation
U323 Poliomyelitis (secondary complications) Inflammation
U342 Rheumatoid arthritis of the muscles and tendons Inflammation
U392 Thrombosis- infective I herpes family (not to be used with arrhytymia or in U.S.) Inflammation
U412 Vein thrombosis Inflammation
A117 Gripal infect Cold / flu-like infection
C92 Asian flu A Cold / flu-like infection
C789 Influencinum Berlin 55 Cold / flu-like infection
C790 Influencinum vesic NW Cold / flu-like infection
C791 Influencinum vesic SW Cold / flu-like infection
C792 Influencinum vesica in general (blisters) Cold / flu-like infection
C793 Influenza (mutates to new strains constantly but these may be helpful, see also -Influenza-, -Flu-, and -Influenza Virus-) Cold / flu-like infection
C795 Influenza 1 99 00 Cold / flu-like infection
C796 Influenza 1957 A Asian Cold / flu-like infection
C797 Influenza 1978 Cold / flu-like infection
C798 Influenza 1979 Cold / flu-like infection
C799 Influenza 1983 Cold / flu-like infection
C800 Influenza 1989 Cold / flu-like infection
C801 Influenza 1993 Cold / flu-like infection
C802 Influenza 1993, secondary Cold / flu-like infection
C803 Influenza 1994 Cold / flu-like infection
C804 Influenza 1994, secondary Cold / flu-like infection
C805 Influenza 1997 1998 Cold / flu-like infection
C806 Influenza 2 99 00 Cold / flu-like infection
C807 Influenza 2003 2004 1 Cold / flu-like infection
C809 Influenza 2003 2004 2 Cold / flu-like infection
C811 Influenza 2005 fall TR Cold / flu-like infection
C812 Influenza 2005 2006 TR Cold / flu-like infection
C815 Influenza A and B HC (flu shot) Cold / flu-like infection
C816 Influenza aches and respiratory Cold / flu-like infection
C817 Influenza and Cold 1 (winter 01 to 02) Cold / flu-like infection
C818 Influenza Asian flu A Cold / flu-like infection
C820 Influenza autumn 1998 Cold / flu-like infection
C821 Influenza Bach Poly Cold / flu-like infection
C822 Influenza in general 1 (winter 98 to 99) Cold / flu-like infection
C823 Influenza flu 1986 tri Cold / flu-like infection
C824 Influenza flu 1987 Cold / flu-like infection
C825 Influenza flu 1988 Cold / flu-like infection
C826 Influenza flu 1989 Cold / flu-like infection
C827 Influenza flu 1990 Cold / flu-like infection
C828 Influenza flu in general Cold / flu-like infection
C829 Influenza flu vapch Cold / flu-like infection
C830 Influenza haemophilus Cold / flu-like infection
C831 Influenza haemophilus type B (can cause a type of meningitis) Cold / flu-like infection
C832 Influenza, spanish Cold / flu-like infection
C833 Influenza 2005 sweep TR Cold / flu-like infection
C834 Influenza overnight TR (Use frequency to make approx 8 hr set) Cold / flu-like infection
C849 Influenza triple nosode Cold / flu-like infection
C850 Influenza flu V Cold / flu-like infection
C851 Influenza flu V2 Cold / flu-like infection
C852 Influenza flu V3 Cold / flu-like infection
C853 Influenza flu V4 Cold / flu-like infection
C854 Influenza flu V5 Cold / flu-like infection
C855 Influenza V75 Victoria Cold / flu-like infection
C856 Influenza flu VA2 Cold / flu-like infection
C857 Influenza flu VA2L Cold / flu-like infection
C858 Influenza virus 1991 1992 Cold / flu-like infection
C859 Influenza virus 1991 1992, secondary Cold / flu-like infection
C860 Influenza virus 1992 1993 Cold / flu-like infection
C861 Influenza virus 1992 1993, secondary Cold / flu-like infection
C862 Influenza virus 1993 1994 Cold / flu-like infection
C863 Influenza virus 1993 1994, secondary Cold / flu-like infection
C864 Influenza virus A Cold / flu-like infection
C865 Influenza virus A 1974 Cold / flu-like infection
C866 Influenza virus A Port Chalmers Cold / flu-like infection
C867 Influenza virus B Cold / flu-like infection
C868 Influenza virus B Hong Kong Cold / flu-like infection
C869 Influenza virus B, British Cold / flu-like infection
C870 Influenza virus in general Cold / flu-like infection
C871 Influenza virus swine Cold / flu-like infection
C872 Influenza with fever v Cold / flu-like infection
C873 Influenza with respiratory 1 (winter 99 to 00) Cold / flu-like infection
C874 Influenzum toxicum Cold / flu-like infection
VEG6 Influenza with fever v Cold / flu-like infection
U221 Influenza (mutates to new strains which may require other than these frequencies) Cold / flu-like infection
A87 Fever Fever and consequences
A88 Cold sores Fever and consequences
C448 Dengue fever TR Fever and consequences
C574 Febris wolhynia (a Rickettsia illness, transmitted by lice- that is debilitating and conducive to relapse) Fever and consequences
C581 Fever (some causes) Fever and consequences
C641 Glandular fever Fever and consequences
C642 Glandular fever thyroid (exp) Fever and consequences
C667 Hay fever (only some types) Fever and consequences
C1353 Q Fever (an infectious disease caused by contact with animals with the parasitic Rickettsia bacteria and Coxiella burnetii whose symptoms may include headache, fever, chills, and sweats, see also -Typhoid fever- and -Rickettsia-) Fever and consequences
C1381 Rocky Mountain spotted fever Fever and consequences
C1409 Scarlet fever Fever and consequences
C1446 Smallpox (also known as variola, an extremely contagious viral disease marked by fever, prostration, and a rash of small blisters) Fever and consequences
C1447 Smallpox, secondary Fever and consequences
C1606 Typhoid fever (typhus infection related symptoms causing high fever, headache, and rash, also use -Salmonella typhi- and -Rickettsia- and see -Q Fever-) Fever and consequences
C1655 Wolhynia fever (a Rickettsia illness- transmitted by lice- that is debilitating and conducive to relapse, also see -Rickettsia-) Fever and consequences
C1661 Yellow fever (a severe viral infection which can cause damage to the liver, kidneys, heart, and entire gastrointestinal tract) Fever and consequences
U147 Fever, sunstroke Fever and consequences
U148 Fever (various causes) Fever and consequences
U169 Glandular fever, adrenals Fever and consequences
U170 Glandular fever, pineal Fever and consequences
U184 Hay fever (only some types) Fever and consequences
U347 Scarlet fever Fever and consequences
U421 Yellow fever Fever and consequences
A95 Gallbladder diseases in general bile
A96 Gallstones bile
C153 Biliousness bile
C341 Cholecystitis, acute (painful gallstone attack) bile
C342 Cholecystitis, chronic (long-term inflammation of the gallbladder) bile
U48 Biliary headache bile
U49 Biliousness bile
U163 Gall bladder dystonia with osteitis bile
U164 Gallstones bile
A57 Down Syndrome genetics
C316 Celiac disease 1 genetics
C421 Crinis humansis genetics
C488 DNA repair (exp) genetics
C490 Down syndrome, palliative genetics
U116 Down syndrome genetics
A44 Breast cancer Tumor / cancer
A111 Tumor of the CNS (astrocytoma) Tumor / cancer
A163 Carcinoma Tumor / cancer
A178 Cancer Tumor / cancer
A188 Leukemia Tumor / cancer
A264 Prostate and bladder tumors, benign Tumor / cancer
A276 Sarcoma Tumor / cancer
A361 Duodenal ulcer Tumor / cancer
A363 Carcinoma, group 1 Tumor / cancer
A364 Carcinoma, group 2 Tumor / cancer
A365 Carcinoma, group 3 Tumor / cancer
A366 Sarcoma, group 1 Tumor / cancer
A367 Sarcoma, group 2 Tumor / cancer
A368 Sarcoma, group 3 Tumor / cancer
A372 Breast cancer 3 Tumor / cancer
A373 Breast cancer 3a Tumor / cancer
A375 Breast cancer Tumor / cancer
A376 Breast cancer 1 Tumor / cancer
A377 Breast cancer 2 Tumor / cancer
A378 Breast cancer, secondary Tumor / cancer
C17 Adenoma, cervical (epithelial tumor of the cervix that can be either benign or malignant) Tumor / cancer
C182 Breast tumor, benign TR Tumor / cancer
C208 Cancer adenocarcinoma Tumor / cancer
C209 Cancer adenoma Tumor / cancer
C210 Cancer astrocytoma (common tumor of brain and central nervous system) Tumor / cancer
C211 Cancer bladder, TBC (transitional bladder carcinoma) Tumor / cancer
C212 Breast cancer Tumor / cancer
C214 Breast cancer 1 Tumor / cancer
C216 Breast cancer 2 Tumor / cancer
C217 Breast cancer 3 Tumor / cancer
C218 Breast cancer, secondary Tumor / cancer
C220 Cancer BX virus (carcinoma virus) Tumor / cancer
C221 Cancer BX2 TR Tumor / cancer
C223 Cancer BY virus (sarcoma virus, also use -Cancer sarcoma-) Tumor / cancer
C224 Cancer carcinoma basal cell membrane Tumor / cancer
C225 Cancer carcinoma, bronchial Tumor / cancer
C226 Cancer carcinoma, colon Tumor / cancer
C227 Cancer carcinoma  in general Tumor / cancer
C228 Cancer carcinoma, larynx Tumor / cancer
C229 Cancer carcinoma, liver 1 Tumor / cancer
C230 Cancer carcinoma, liver fermentative Tumor / cancer
C231 Cancer carcinoma, original Crane Tumor / cancer
C232 Cancer carcinoma, scan Tumor / cancer
C233 Cancer carcinoma Uterus, fermantative Tumor / cancer
C234 Cancer cells conidium head Tumor / cancer
C235 Cancer droglioma (see also -Cancer gliom-, -Astrocytoma-) Tumor / cancer
C236 Cancer fibrosarcoma (malignancy containing connective tissue and developing rapidly from small bumps on the skin) Tumor / cancer
C237 Cancer fibrous tumor, secondary Tumor / cancer
C238 Cancer gastric adenocarcinoma Tumor / cancer
C239 Cancer in general 1 Tumor / cancer
C241 Cancer in general 2 Tumor / cancer
C243 Cancer in general 3 Tumor / cancer
C245 Cancer glioblastoma Tumor / cancer
C246 Cancer glioblastoma tremor Tumor / cancer
C247 Cancer gliomas (largest group of brain cancers) Tumor / cancer
C248 Cancer harmonic series (may be based on original Rife/Hoyland cancer frequencies) Tumor / cancer
C249 Cancer Hodgkins disease Tumor / cancer
C250 Cancer hodgkins TR Tumor / cancer
C252 Cancer Kaposis sarcoma (also use -Herpes type 😎 Tumor / cancer
C253 Cancer leukemia (also use -Leukose-) Tumor / cancer
C254 Cancer leukemia feline (cat) Tumor / cancer
C255 Cancer leukemia hairy cell (typified by abnormal blood cells & shortage of others) Tumor / cancer
C256 Cancer leukemia lymphatic Tumor / cancer
C257 Cancer leukemia myeloid (characterized by rapid growth of incompletely formed white blood cells) Tumor / cancer
C258 Cancer leukemia T cell Tumor / cancer
C259 Cancer leukemia TR Tumor / cancer
C261 Cancer lymphosarcoma Tumor / cancer
C262 Cancer maintenance, secondary Tumor / cancer
C264 Cancer melanoma 1 Tumor / cancer
C266 Cancer melanoma 2 Tumor / cancer
C268 Cancer melanoma metastasis Tumor / cancer
C269 Cancer multiple myeloma Tumor / cancer
C270 Cancer mycosis fungoides (a form of skin cancer resembling eczema) Tumor / cancer
C271 Cancer neuroblastoma (exp) Tumor / cancer
C272 Cancer non Hodgkins 1 (also use -Cancer-, -Melanoma-) Tumor / cancer
C273 Cancer non Hodgkins 2 (also use -Simian virus 40-) Tumor / cancer
C275 Cancer plasmacytoma Tumor / cancer
C276 Cancer prostate Tumor / cancer
C278 Cancer prostate 1 Tumor / cancer
C279 Cancer prostate Vega 1 Tumor / cancer
C280 Cancer rhabdomyosarcoma 1 Tumor / cancer
C281 Cancer rhabdomyosarcoma embryonal Tumor / cancer
C283 Cancer rhabdomyosarcoma embryonal v Tumor / cancer
C284 Cancer sarcoma in general (BY) Tumor / cancer
C285 Cancer, tertiary Tumor / cancer
C293 Candida carcinomas Tumor / cancer
C325 Cervix adenoma (epithelial tumor of the cervix) Tumor / cancer
C345 Cholesteatoma (benign tumor usually found in middle ear & mastoid region) Tumor / cancer
C583 Fibroadenoma mamae (non cancerous- fibrous nodules in the breasts, use kelp capsules too) Tumor / cancer
C590 Fibropendulum Tumor / cancer
C591 Fibrosarcoma Tumor / cancer
C747 Hodgkins disease Tumor / cancer
C923 Leukoplakia (white patches on mucous membranes, also see -EBV-, -Papilloma-, and -Cancer carcinoma- frequencies) Tumor / cancer
C927 Lipoma (benign, soft tumor of fatty tissue, also use -Liver support-) Tumor / cancer
C1004 Meningioma (a benign, slow-growing tumor of the membranes that envelop the brain and spinal cord) Tumor / cancer
C1068 Mycobacterium tuberculosis HC (causes tuberculosis) Tumor / cancer
C1079 Mycosis fungoides (a form of skin cancer resembling eczema) Tumor / cancer
C1082 Myoma (a benign tumor on the uterus) Tumor / cancer
C1113 Oligodena Tumor / cancer
C1325 Prostatitis (benign prostate tumor or infection) Tumor / cancer
C1571 Toxoplasma HC (human strain) Tumor / cancer
C1604 Tumor, benign Tumor / cancer
B1 Cancer Colon Tumor / cancer
U36 Astrocytoma Tumor / cancer
U72 Cancrum oris Tumor / cancer
U74 Candida carcinomas Tumor / cancer
U76 Carcinoma Tumor / cancer
U243 Leukemia Tumor / cancer
U276 Neoplasms Tumor / cancer
U330 Prostate tumor (malignant, use one electrode on navel, other on rectum) Tumor / cancer
U346 Sarcoma Tumor / cancer
AS1 Merkel Cell Carcinoma Tumor / cancer
A2 Abscesses Tissue encapsulation, fibroma, cyst
A86 Fibromas Tissue encapsulation, fibroma, cyst
A89 Fistulas, ulcers Tissue encapsulation, fibroma, cyst
A90 Fluid accumulation Tissue encapsulation, fibroma, cyst
A203 Breast cysts Tissue encapsulation, fibroma, cyst
C4 Abscesses (also use -Staphylococcus aureus- and see -Listeriose-) Tissue encapsulation, fibroma, cyst
C5 Abscesses 1 Tissue encapsulation, fibroma, cyst
C6 Abscesses, secondary Tissue encapsulation, fibroma, cyst
C181 Breast fibroid cysts (also use black walnut hull capsules and mixed tocopherols if possible) Tissue encapsulation, fibroma, cyst
C434 Cyst, ovarian Tissue encapsulation, fibroma, cyst
C435 Cyst, sebaceous TR (streptothrox plus nocardia and actinomyces Israeli) Tissue encapsulation, fibroma, cyst
C436 Cyst, solitary Tissue encapsulation, fibroma, cyst
C437 Cystic fibrosis (also called mucoviscidosis, a disorder of the exocrine glands that causes them to release very thick mucus, use -Pseudomonas aeruginosa-, -Breathing, deep-, and -Antiseptic in general-, and see -Parasites in general- and roundworm frequencies) Tissue encapsulation, fibroma, cyst
C527 Endolimax nana HC (trophozoites and cysts) Tissue encapsulation, fibroma, cyst
C572 Fascia (fibrous tissue under the skin, also see Fibroid frequencies) Tissue encapsulation, fibroma, cyst
C585 Fibroma Tissue encapsulation, fibroma, cyst
C597 Fistula ulcer (use also -Staphylococcus- frequencies) Tissue encapsulation, fibroma, cyst
C1130 Ovarian cyst Tissue encapsulation, fibroma, cyst
U4 Abscesses Tissue encapsulation, fibroma, cyst
U61 Breast, fibroid cysts Tissue encapsulation, fibroma, cyst
U149 Fibroma Tissue encapsulation, fibroma, cyst
U152 Fistula ulcer Tissue encapsulation, fibroma, cyst
A5 Adnexitis (inflammation of the ovaries) gynecology
A63 Dysmenorrhea gynecology
A207 Menstruation, absent gynecology
A210 Milk formation, insufficient gynecology
A256 PMS (premenstrual syndrome) gynecology
A313 Sterility (infertility) gynecology
A345 Menopausal symptoms in general gynecology
A346 Menopause, hot flashes gynecology
C25 Adnexitis (swelling of the ovaries or Fallopian tubes) gynecology
C54 Amenorrhea (absence of menstruation) gynecology
C323 Cervical polyp gynecology
C420 Cramps, menstrual gynecology
C497 Dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation, use with plain water douche) gynecology
C528 Endometriosis 1 gynecology
C530 Endometriosis, chronic (growth of uterine tissue outside the uterus that may cause pain, infertility, and abnormal uterine bleeding, use with -Parasites in general- or -Flukes in general-) gynecology
C609 Frigidity, female gynecology
C752 Hot flashes (complications) gynecology
C1008 Menopause symptoms TR gynecology
C1009 Menstrual problems (douche with plain water first) gynecology
C1131 Ovarian disorders in general gynecology
C1133 Ovarian elimination stimulation gynecology
C1315 Polyp, uterine gynecology
C1620 Polyp, uterine gynecology
U18 Amenorrhea (absence of menstruation) gynecology
U100 Cramps, menstrual gynecology
U121 Dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation, pure water douche) gynecology
U158 Frigidity, female gynecology
U203 Hot flashes (complications) gynecology
U223 Infertility gynecology
U263 Menstrual problems (douche with plain water first) gynecology
U295 Ovarian disorders gynecology
U297 Ovarian elimination, to stimulate gynecology
A110 Loss of smell Throat, nose, ears
A116 Impaired balance Throat, nose, ears
A119 Sore throat (angina) Throat, nose, ears
A120 Sore throat Throat, nose, ears
A131 Hoarseness Throat, nose, ears
A180 Goiter Throat, nose, ears
A182 Laryngitis of the larynx Throat, nose, ears
A190 Leukoplakia (mouth rash) Throat, nose, ears
A205 Menier’s disease Throat, nose, ears
A224 Inflammation of the nasal mucosa Throat, nose, ears
A226 Sinus infections Throat, nose, ears
A239 Sneeze Throat, nose, ears
A243 Ears in general Throat, nose, ears
A244 Ears, inflammation in Eustachii tuba Throat, nose, ears
A245 Ear infection Throat, nose, ears
A246 Earache Throat, nose, ears
A250 Otosclerosis Throat, nose, ears
A268 Inflammation of the throat (pharyngitis) Throat, nose, ears
A271 Rhinitis Throat, nose, ears
A297 Runny nose (nasal congestion) Throat, nose, ears
A301 Deafness Throat, nose, ears
A302 Dizziness Throat, nose, ears
A320 Deafness Throat, nose, ears
A324 Tinnitus Throat, nose, ears
C15 Adenoids Throat, nose, ears
C63 Angina quinsy (inflammation of lymph gland in throat) Throat, nose, ears
C179 Branhamella Moraxella catarrhalis Throat, nose, ears
C286 Cancrum oris (rapidly growing oral or nasal ulcer) Throat, nose, ears
C322 Cerumen (ear wax) Throat, nose, ears
C445 Deafness (partial to complete) Throat, nose, ears
C506 Ear conditions, various (discharges, tinnitus, itching, hearing loss, also see -Otitis-) Throat, nose, ears
C507 Ear fungus 1 Throat, nose, ears
C562 Eustachian tube, inflammation (also use -Antiseptic in General-) Throat, nose, ears
C746 Hoarseness Throat, nose, ears
C763 Hyperosmia (overacute smell and taste) Throat, nose, ears
C907 Laryngeal polyp Throat, nose, ears
C908 Larynx Throat, nose, ears
C1036 Mucor racemosis (grows on decaying vegetation and bread and can cause ear infection) Throat, nose, ears
C1037 Mucor racemosus, secondary Throat, nose, ears
C1091 Nasal polyp (benign growth inside the nasal passage) Throat, nose, ears
C1111 Numbness (also see -Circulatory stasis-) Throat, nose, ears
C1115 Oral lesions (chronic cases will always return until metal dental work is replaced with uranium free porcelain, see also -Herpes simplex I- and use -Stomatitis-) Throat, nose, ears
C1136 Ozaena Throat, nose, ears
C1286 Pharyngitis (inflammation of pharynx, can cause chronic sore throat, halitosis, and pharyngeal ulcers, also see -Sore throat- and -Halitosis-) Throat, nose, ears
C1314 Polyp, nasal Throat, nose, ears
C1373 Rhinitis (runny nose, also see -Sinusitis-) Throat, nose, ears
C1374 Rhino pneumonitis Throat, nose, ears
C1449 Sneezing Throat, nose, ears
C1493 Stomatitis (inflammation of mucous membranes in the mouth, see also -Candida-, -Herpes simplex I-, -Stomatitis aphthous-, -Pyorrhea-, and -Gingivitis) Throat, nose, ears
C1494 Stomatitis aphthous (ulcers on mucous membrane of mouth, also called canker sores) Throat, nose, ears
C1495 Stomatitis aphthous 1 Throat, nose, ears
C1496 Stomatitis aphthous v Throat, nose, ears
C1525 Struma cystica Throat, nose, ears
C1526 Struma nodosa Throat, nose, ears
C1527 Struma parenchyme Throat, nose, ears
C1538 Swimmers ear (also see -Pseudomonas aeruginosa- and -Otitis externa-, to help prevent always disinfect and dry ears after using public pools with 40% alcohol solution such as vodka or white rum) Throat, nose, ears
C1561 Tinnitus (see also -Circulatory stasis-, -Dental-, -Dental foci-, -Antiseptic in general-, and -Otitis- frequencies) Throat, nose, ears
C1564 Tonsillar nodules Throat, nose, ears
C1630 Vertigo (also use -Otitis-, -Menierers-, and see -Antiseptic in general- frequencies) Throat, nose, ears
C1631 Vertigo TR Throat, nose, ears
VEG2 Canker Sore V Throat, nose, ears
U23 Angina (quinsy in swat) Throat, nose, ears
U26 Anosmia (loss of smell) Throat, nose, ears
U104 Deafness (partial to complete) Throat, nose, ears
U124 Ear conditions, various (discharges, tinnitus, hearing loss) Throat, nose, ears
U137 Eustachian tube inflammation Throat, nose, ears
U201 Hoarseness Throat, nose, ears
U240 Larynx Throat, nose, ears
U261 Meniere’s disease Throat, nose, ears
U268 Mouth eruptions white patches (leukoplakia) Throat, nose, ears
U284 Nose, infection, congestion Throat, nose, ears
U285 Numbness Throat, nose, ears
U287 Oral lesions (although these disappear with treatment, lesions will always return whenever subject experiences stress or poor diet, until mercury inlays (so-called -silver—- fillings and nickel alloy (—-stainless steel—-) dental appliances are replaced with porcelain that does not contain uranium) Throat, nose, ears
U288 Orchitis (inflammation of testes due to TB, mumps, gonorrhea, cancer, etc.) Throat, nose, ears
U293 Otitis Throat, nose, ears
U294 Otosclerosis Throat, nose, ears
U316 Pharyngitis Throat, nose, ears
U339 Renal excretory insufficiency, diastolic hypertensive Throat, nose, ears
U343 Rhinitis (runny nose) Throat, nose, ears
U353 Sinusitis Throat, nose, ears
U358 Sneezing Throat, nose, ears
U359 Sore throat (pharyngitis, consider also food allergies) Throat, nose, ears
U389 Tinnitus Throat, nose, ears
U395 Tonsillitis Throat, nose, ears
U399 Trench mouth Throat, nose, ears
A35 Blisters on the foot skin
A42 Burns skin
A66 Boils skin
A67 Eczema, atopic skin
A82 Erysipelas skin
A83 Erythema skin
A93 Foot, blisters skin
A97 Gangrene skin
A118 Hair loss skin
A126 Skin rash skin
A127 Rash with vascular and pulmonary dysfunction skin
A128 Rash, acne skin
A129 Skin bleeding skin
A130 Skin flakes skin
A145 Callosity skin
A158 Itching skin
A189 Leukoderma skin
A230 Urticaria skin
A267 Psoriasis skin
A300 Dandruff (hair) skin
A318 Streptomycosis skin
A319 Numb feeling on the skin skin
A333 Urticaria skin
A336 Burns skin
C8 Acne skin
C40 Alopecia (loss of hair) skin
C198 Burns skin
C380 Comedones (blackhead) skin
C512 Eczema skin
C513 Eczema 1 skin
C514 Eczema 2 skin
C515 Eczema, vascular and lung disturbances skin
C558 Erythema nodosum skin
C603 Follicular mange (contagious dermatitis found in many animals that is caused by mites and in which the principle activity is at the hair follicles, also soak with vegetable oil, let sit at least 15 minutes, and rinse with thyme tea) skin
C604 Folliculitis hot tub (tiny pimples) skin
C619 Furunkulosis (boils on skin, also use -Staphylococcus aureus- frequencies) skin
C620 Furunkulosis herpes (also see -Herpes general- and -Furunkulosis-) skin
C621 Furunkulosis TR (also use -Staphylococcus aureus-) skin
C662 Hair, human skin
C886 Itching (pruritis, take hot bath with a cup of apple cider vinegar afterwards, if chronic and no long term relief, use Parasite sets including -Parasites in general- and -Parasites blood flukes-) skin
C925 Lichen planus TR skin
C926 Lichen sclerosus TR skin
C944 Lupus, general (localized degeneration of skin by various diseases, vulgaris is a common form of this ailment that is actually a rare form of tuberculosis that manifests with disfigurement and destruction of the skin and cartilage of the face, also use Parasite fluke sets for any type) skin
C945 Lupus, general, secondary skin
C946 Lupus SLE, secondary skin
C1020 Moles skin
C1021 Moles 1 skin
C1027 Morgellons disease TR skin
C1269 Pemphigus (rare autoimmune skin disorders characterized by blisters in the outer layer of skin and mucous membranes) skin
C1337 Psoriasis (also use -Hypothyroid- set and see -Parasite in general-, -Ascaris- and other roundworm frequencies) skin
C1338 Psoriasis ankylosing spondylitis skin
C1346 Pyoderma (or Pyoderma Gangrenosum, a rare skin disorder of unknown cause, small pustules develop into large ulcers at various sites on the body, also see -Parasites in general- and -Antiseptic in general-) skin
C1357 Raynauds disease skin
C1417 Scleroderma v skin
C1423 Semperillium skin
C1448 Smegma skin
C1579 Trichoderma skin
C1580 Trichomonas (a microorganism causing vaginal irritation with discharge and itching) skin
C1619 Urticaria (hives, often due to toxins) skin
C1638 Vitiligo (loss of pigmentation in areas of skin, use with B complex with extra PABA internally and PABA cream topically, also see -E. coli-, -Parasite in general-, -Liver support-, and Fungus frequencies if necessary) skin
C1639 Wart condyloma (venereal warts caused by infectious papilloma virus) skin
C1640 Warts, general (also see -Papilloma- and -Parasites roundworms- and -Parasites- flukes general) skin
C1642 Warts 1 (apply with pad) skin
C1644 Warts, plantar skin
C1645 Warts, verruca (a rough surfaced, supposedly harmless, viral caused skin wart) skin
VEG20 Scleroderma v skin
U6 Acne skin
U17 Alopecia (loss of hair) skin
U20 Anal itching skin
U55 Boils skin
U70 Burns skin
U75 Carbuncles skin
U125 Eczema skin
U126 Eczema in vascular and lung functional disturbances skin
U162 Furunkulosis herpes, skin diseases skin
U200 Hives (urticaria) skin
U232 Itching (prurtis) skin
U245 Leukodermia skin
U308 Paresthesia skin
U331 Psoriasis, (may improve with bound selenium or Vitamin E (but not Vitamin E ester/succinate), may worsen with exposure to ozone, oxygen, peroxide) skin
U332 Psoriasis, secondary complications skin
U333 Psoriasis, ankylosing spondylitis skin
U336 Radiation burns skin
U345 Rubeola skin
U409 Urticaria (hives), often due to toxins skin
A15 Aneurysm Cardiovascula
A16 Angina Pectoris Cardiovascula
A21 Arteriosclerosis Cardiovascula
A41 Bradycardie Cardiovascula
A68 Embolism Cardiovascula
A137 Heart Cardiovascula
A138 Myocarditis Cardiovascula
A139 Racing heart (tachycardia) Cardiovascula
A140 Irregular heartbeat Cardiovascula
A148 Hypertension Cardiovascula
A151 Hypotension Cardiovascula
A179 Circulatory disorders Cardiovascula
A213 Raynaud’s syndrome Cardiovascula
A279 Window disease (intermittent claudication) Cardiovascula
A286 Stroke with symptoms of paralysis Cardiovascula
A323 Thrombosis Cardiovascula
A357 Cerebrovascular insufficiency (e.g. after a brain attack) Cardiovascula
C62 Aneurysm Cardiovascula
C64 Angina pectoris Cardiovascula
C72 Stroke paralysis Cardiovascula
C79 Arrhythmia Heart TR (also use magnesium, co-enzyme Q10 and fish oil) Cardiovascula
C81 Arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries, regeneration takes time, also try nanobacteria, coxsackie, and CMV frequencies) Cardiovascula
C105 Atherosclerosis (Herpes zoster and Chlamydia pneumonia – common microbes in plaques – this application combines both – also use magnesium and vitamin C to reduce mineral deposits) Cardiovascula
C304 Cardiacedema Cardiovascula
C350 Circulation disturbance Cardiovascula
C351 Circulatory stasis (stimulates blood circulation, see also -Circulation disturbances-) Cardiovascula
C677 Hear blockage 1 Cardiovascula
C678 Heart in general Cardiovascula
C679 Heart tonic (lab animals only, see also -Chlamydia-, -Staph infection-, -Circulatory stasis-, and Kidney frequencies) Cardiovascula
C680 Heartburn chronic (use calcium magnesium supplement and The Water Cure, also see -Staph- and -Strep in general- and -H. pylori-) Cardiovascula
C765 Hypertension Cardiovascula
C766 Hypertension, renin induced (red high, diastolic high pressure, also see Kidney frequencies) Cardiovascula
C767 Hypertension, spastic Cardiovascula
C771 Hypotension (low blood pressure) Cardiovascula
C773 Hypoxia (low oxygen, use also -Circulatory stasis-) Cardiovascula
C880 Intermittent claudication Cardiovascula
C1080 Myocarditis, scar Cardiovascula
C1081 Myocarditis, necrose (homeopathic remedy from heart cells that died as a result of inadequate blood flow to them, see also -Circulatory stasis-) Cardiovascula
C1277 Pericarditis (NOTE: Cardiac conditions are inherently unstable. Therefore, we cannot recommend the use of frequencies on humans, even outside U.S. jurisdiction. These frequencies are for animal research only.) Cardiovascula
C1281 Perniosis (chillbains, a disorder of the blood vessels caused by prolonged exposure to cold and characterized by skin lesions on the lower legs, hands, toes, feet, ears, and face) Cardiovascula
C1522 Stroke follow-up (make sure you get enough water, minerals, especially magnesium and omega-3 fatty acids, and consider using enzymes like bromelain to help prevent clotting) Cardiovascula
C1543 Tachycardia (rapid heart beat, for lab animals only, see also -Heart tonic- or -Relaxation-) Cardiovascula
U21 Aneurysm Cardiovascula
U22 Angina pectoris Cardiovascula
U28 Apoplexy, stroke paralysis Cardiovascula
U31 Arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries: regeneration takes time) Cardiovascula
U53 Blood pressure, high Cardiovascula
U54 Blood pressure, low Cardiovascula
U77 Cardiacedema Cardiovascula
U88 Circulatory stasis Cardiovascula
U89 Circulation disturbances, problems Cardiovascula
U190 Heart (lab animals only) Cardiovascula
U191 Heartburn Stomach, intestines and digestion
U198 High blood pressure, hypertension Cardiovascula
U207 Hypertension Cardiovascula
U208 Hypertension (renin-induced, red high, diastolic high pressure) Cardiovascula
U209 Hypertension, spastic Cardiovascula
U213 Hypotension (low blood pressure) Cardiovascula
U248 Low blood pressure, hypotension Cardiovascula
U311 Pericarditis (NOTE: Cardiac conditions are inherently unstable, therefore, we cannot recommend the use of frequencies on humans, even outside U.S. jurisdiction, the frequencies are for animal research only) Cardiovascula
U317 Phlebitis Cardiovascula
U375 Stroke Cardiovascula
U391 Thrombophlebitis Cardiovascula
A7 Immune stimulation Immune system directly
A12 Allergy Immune system directly
A305 Sun allergy Immune system directly
C26 Adrenal stimulant Immune system directly
C37 Allergy (also see -Pertussis-) Immune system directly
C38 Allergy 1 Immune system directly
C39 Pollen allergy TR Immune system directly
C78 Arnica (a topical healing herb) Immune system directly
C80 Arsenalb (homeopathic cell salt) Immune system directly
C109 Atmenic Alb Immune system directly
C114 Bacillinum (homeopathic nosode) Immune system directly
C128 Bacteria lactis nosode Immune system directly
C143 BC G Vaccine Immune system directly
C147 Bermuda smut (homeopathic preparation for an allergen) Immune system directly
C164 Blue cohosh (a healing herb) Immune system directly
C302 Carbo animalis (homeopathic remedy from animal bone charcoal) Immune system directly
C315 Causticum Immune system directly
C327 Chakra base root Immune system directly
C329 Chelidonium Immune system directly
C346 Cholesterinum Immune system directly
C349 Cimicifuga (plant family including black snakeroot and black cohosh) Immune system directly
C379 Colors (color decode from Jade Machine) Immune system directly
C394 Convoforce Immune system directly
C397 Coraforce Immune system directly
C398 Corallinus Immune system directly
C432 Curva spic Immune system directly
C517 Electrolyte levels, to improve Immune system directly
C526 Endocrine RX TR (includes stimulating frequencies for pineal, hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid, adrenal, and thymus gands) Immune system directly
C540 Enterococcinum (homeopathic nosode for Strep family organisms found in the digestive and urinary tracts) Immune system directly
C575 Fel tauri (homeopathic preparation of ox bile) Immune system directly
C602 Fluor Alb (homeopathic cell salt) Immune system directly
C739 Hirudo medicinalis (a homeopathic remedy prepared from a leech used for therapeutic purposes) Immune system directly
C751 Hormonal imbalances Immune system directly
C776 Immune system stabilization TR Immune system directly
C777 Immune system stimulation Immune system directly
C778 Immune system stimulation Immune system directly
C779 Immune system stimulation 1 Immune system directly
C875 Injection, allergic reaction Immune system directly
C903 Lac deflorat Immune system directly
C973 Lymph mover Immune system directly
C977 Magnesium Immune system directly
C999 Medorrhinum (homeopathic nosode for urethral discharge, see also -Vaginosis-) Immune system directly
C1023 Monotospora languinosa (homeopathic remedy for fungal allergen) Immune system directly
C1024 Morbillinum Immune system directly
C1092 Nasturtium (a healing herb) Immune system directly
C1135 Ox bile (the homeopathic remedy derived from it) Immune system directly
C1155 Paramecium caudatum Immune system directly
C1270 Penicillium chrysogenum Immune system directly
C1271 Penicillium chrysogenum, secondary Immune system directly
C1272 Penicillium notatum Immune system directly
C1273 Penicillium notatum, secondary Immune system directly
C1274 Penicillium rubrum Immune system directly
C1275 Pennyroyal (a herb) Immune system directly
C1288 Phoma Destructiva (homeopathic) Immune system directly
C1340 Psorinum Immune system directly
C1342 Pullularia pullulans (allergy remedy) Immune system directly
C1348 Pyrogenium 62 (general homeopathic remedy for pus) Immune system directly
C1349 Pyrogenium ex ovo Immune system directly
C1350 Pyrogenium fish Immune system directly
C1351 Pyrogenium mayo Immune system directly
C1352 Pyrogenium suis Immune system directly
C1354 Rabies (lyssinum) Immune system directly
C1355 Radiation burns (also see -Regeneration- and -Healing-) Immune system directly
C1403 Sanguis menst Immune system directly
C1414 Sciatica 1 (also use -Bone Builder- with Boron at double dose) Immune system directly
C1415 Sciatica 2 Immune system directly
C1416 Sciaticor schias Immune system directly
C1458 Sorghum smut (homeopathic preparation for an allergen) Immune system directly
C1459 Sorghum syrup HC Immune system directly
C1534 Surgery, preven preop/postop infections (see also Antiseptic in general-,  -Staph- and -Strep- sets) Immune system directly
C1545 Tainio sweep Immune system directly
C1565 Tonsillar nosode Immune system directly
C1576 Treponema pallidum (use also -Syphilis-) Immune system directly
C1621 Vaccinium (a homeopathic nosode) Immune system directly
U16 Allergy Immune system directly
U135 Erythema nosodum Immune system directly
U225 Injection, allergic reaction to intelligence, clarity of thought Immune system directly
U378 Sun allergy (examine presciption drugs, such as Psoralen, for photo-sensitization properties) Immune system directly
A49 Cholera Infections
A56 Diphteria Infections
A79 Epstein-Barr Infections
A81 Cold Infections
A84 Escherichia Coli Infections
A94 Athlete’s foot Infections
A106 Yellow fever Infections
A134 Herpes Infections
A135 Herpes zoster (shingles) Infections
A136 Herpes on the mouth Infections
A154 Infections Infections
A165 Germicidal antibacterial effect Infections
A187 Leprosy Infections
A192 Syphilis Infections
A202 Malaria Infections
A204 Measles Infections
A216 Mumps Infections
A258 Smallpox Infections
A259 Polio Infections
A260 Poliomyelitis (polio) Infections
A274 Rubella Infections
A278 Scarlet fever Infections
A283 Mold infection Infections
A284 Sleeping sickness Infections
A291 Pain from infection Infections
A309 Staph infection Infections
A316 Radiation mushrooms Infections
A317 Streptococcal infection Infections
A322 Tetanus Infections
A325 Rabies Infections
A328 Gonorrhea Infections
A329 Tuberculosis Infections
A330 Typhus Infections
A344 Warts Infections
A348 Chickenpox Infections
A351 Wound healing (if there is a risk of infection) Infections
A362 Infections 2 Infections
C30 African trypanosomiasis Infections
C31 Agyfla HC Infections
C32 AIDS 1 Infections
C33 AIDS 2 Infections
C34 AIDS, secondary Infections
C41 Alpha Streptococcus HC Infections
C55 Amoeba (a single celled, sometimes infectious microorganism) Infections
C60 Anaphylaxis Infections
C61 Anaplasma marginale HC Infections
C113 Babesia Infections
C129 Bacterial capsules HC Infections
C130 Bacterial infections in general (if bacterial infection is chronic and the type is accurately diagnosed and neither frequencies nor antibiotics are effective long term, also use -Parasites in general- and -round worms- sets, also see -Antiseptic in general- and specific types) Infections
C136 Baker’s yeast allergy (homeopathy preparation) Infections
C148 Besnoitia HC (protozoan taken from lung sect) Infections
C155 Black widow spider Infections
C159 Blepharisma Infections
C160 Blepharisma HC Infections
C180 Branhamella Neisseria catarrhalis HC Infections
C191 Brown recluse spider bite (also use a lot of Echinacea and vitamin C) Infections
C192 Brucella abortus (undulant fever or Bang’s bacillus, found in cattle) Infections
C193 Brucella melitensis (form of Brucella found in goats and sheep) Infections
C196 Bubonic plague, secondary infections Infections
C202 Caeliacia Infections
C306 Carvularia spiratera Infections
C332 Chest infection, secondary Infections
C333 Chickenpox (by the time pox marks appear, the illness is resolved and the toxins are being expelled through the skin, so must be used in the early stages of flu like symptoms after exposure, use -Herpes zoster-) Infections
C335 Chilomastix HC (amoeba cysts) Infections
C343 Cholera (an extremely contagious and serious bacterial infection of the small intestines) Infections
C344 Cholera, secondary Infections
C377 Collectotrichum Infections
C390 Condylomata (usually venereal warts, caused by papilloma virus, pccur near intersection of mucous membranes and skin, use also -Papilloma-) Infections
C402 Corynebacterium diphtheriae HC Infections
C417 Coxsackie in general (see also -Mumps-) Infections
C429 Cryptococcus neoformans (yeast which causes respiratory infectionthan can turn into imeningitis, also known as torulosis) Infections
C430 Cryptosporidium (parasitic protozoa sometimes causing diarrhea iin humans) Infections
C433 Cyclospora Infections
C446 Deer tick 1 Infections
C477 Dientamoeba fragilis HC Infections
C478 Diphtheria (bacterial infection causing sore throat, fever, rapid heartbeat, nausea, chills, headache and may progress to damage heart and nerves from ceterial toxins, rare in US) Infections
C479 Diplococcus diptheriae HC Infections
C481 Dirofilaria immitis (use -Parasites heartworm-) Infections
C483 Distemper Infections
C496 Dysentery (acute diarrhea with blood and mucus, also use -Entamoeba histolytica-, -Salmonella-, and -Shigella-) Infections
C519 Elephantiasis (use with parasite sets, especially roundworm and nematode frequencies) Infections
C520 Elkanella corroderis HC Infections
C556 Erysipelas (bacterial infection manifesting in skin inflammation caused by strep pyrogenes or other pathogens and possibly related to the swine form of the disease) Infections
C557 Erythema infectiosum (human parvovirus B19, sometimes known as Fifth disease, a contagious viral infection which causes blotchy or raised red rash with mild illness, experimental) Infections
C561 Euglena Infections
C577 Felis Infections
C578 Felon 1 (pus infection of finger tips) Infections
C579 Felon 2 Infections
C580 Feloris Wolyhnica Infections
C606 Foot and mouth syndrome (a mild viral infection found in young children but may also be a factor in ALS) Infections
C612 Fruit fly Infections
C624 Gaffkya tetragena HC (causes respiratory infections) Infections
C625 Gardnereila vaginalis HC (causes ovarian and genital tract infection) Infections
C646 Gonorrhea Infections
C647 Gonorrhea neisseria HC Infections
C661 Haemophilus influenzae HC (causes bacterial meningitis, infects joints) Infections
C665 Hand, foot, and mouth syndrome (a mild viral infection found in young children) Infections
C672 Headaches due to parasites (see also -Parasites strongyloides-) Infections
C688 Helminthosporium (the reproductive element of some parasitic worms) Infections
C689 Haemobartonella felis Infections
C705 Herpes in general Infections
C706 Herpes in general, secondary Infections
C707 Herpes in general v Infections
C708 Herpes progenetalis (genital, also use -Herpes simplex II-) Infections
C710 Herpes simplex I 1 Infections
C711 Herpes simplex I 2 Infections
C712 Herpes simplex I 3 Infections
C713 Herpes simplex I 4 Infections
C714 Herpes simplex I HC Infections
C715 Herpes simplex II Infections
C716 Herpes simplex II HC Infections
C717 Herpes simplex IU2 Infections
C718 Herpes simplex RTI (based on Resonant Light Technology’s herpes set, most frequencies contracting spread, also can be used for measles, chicken and small pox, mononucleosis, shingles, rubella, cold sores, epstein barr, variola, stoma stomatosis, and pyorrhea) Infections
C721 Herpes TR (run set three times, pausing 10 minutes between runs) Infections
C722 Herpes type 1 anec comp (combines most anecdotal frequencies for Simplex I) Infections
C724 Herpes type 2 comp Infections
C726 Herpes type 2A Infections
C727 Herpes type 2A, secondary Infections
C729 Herpes type 5 (cytomegalovirus) Infections
C730 Herpes type 6 Infections
C731 Herpes zoster (chicken pox, shingles) Infections
C732 Herpes zoster 1 Infections
C733 Herpes zoster, secondary Infections
C734 Herpes zoster v Infections
C740 Histomonas meleagridis HC Infections
C741 Histoplasma Infections
C742 Histoplasma capsulatum HC Infections
C743 HIV (see also -AIDS-) Infections
C744 HIV HC Infections
C754 Household Insect Mix Infections
C783 Infantile paralysis (also use -Polio-) Infections
C784 Infections in general (see -Antiseptic in general-) Infections
C785 Infections in general, secondary Infections
C786 Infections in general, tertiary Infections
C884 Iodamoeba butschlii HC Infections
C911 Legionella (Legionnaires‘ disease, caused by a gram-negative bacteria associated with condensed or treated water that migrate to lung tissue and stimulate severe respiratory manifestations, fever, headache, abdominal pain, and may affect kidneys and liver) Infections
C914 Leprosy Infections
C915 Leprosy, secondary infection Infections
C916 Leptospira interrogans HC Infections
C917 Leptospirosis (a spirochete bacterial disease that is spread to humans through animal urine that can cause meningitis, jaundice, anemia, miscarriage, and death) Infections
C919 Leucocytozoon HC Infections
C949 Lyme und Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever v Infections
C950 Lyme disease (also known as borreliosis, relapsing fever in humans and animals caused by parasitic spirochetes from ticks, also use -Babesia- if necessary) Infections
C952 Lyme 1 Infections
C953 Lyme 2 Infections
C956 Lyme 4 Infections
C957 Lyme 5 Infections
C961 Lyme hatchlings eggs Infections
C962 Lyme, secondary Infections
C963 Lyme, tertiary Infections
C964 Lyme TR A (Program A, run every other day) Infections
C965 Lyme TR B (Program B, run every other day) Infections
C979 Malaria (an infectious disease, originating in tropical areas, that is transmitted by a mosquito bite and characterized by fever, anemia, and spleen enlargement, also use wormwood annua, also see -Perniciosia-) Infections
C980 Malaria 1 Infections
C981 Malaria 2 Infections
C982 Malaria 3 Infections
C983 Malaria Falciparum 1 Infections
C986 Mange follicular Infections
C988 Marsh elder Infections
C1033 Mucocutan perniciosis Infections
C1034 Mucor mucedo (causes rot in fruit and baked goods & sometimes found on feet and skin) Infections
C1058 Mumps (acute viral inflammation of the saliva glands, see also -Coxsackie-) Infections
C1059 Mumps HC (antigen) Infections
C1060 Mumps, secondary Infections
C1061 Mumps, tertiary Infections
C1062 Mumps vaccine Infections
C1063 Muscle tonic Infections
C1085 Naegleria fowleri HC Infections
C1110 Nose infection, congestion (use -Sinusitis- and -Rhinitis-) Infections
C1112 Oat smut Infections
C1124 Osteomyelosclerosis (marrow replacement by bone in response to low-grade infection) Infections
C1266 Pasteurella combination (bacterial diseases spread by animal bites) Infections
C1280 Perniciosia (scilicet malaria, extremely severe form of malaria) Infections
C1310 Polio (also known as poliomyelitis) Infections
C1311 Polio, secondary complications Infections
C1347 Pyorrhea (infection of periodontium causing inflammation of gums and bone loss, although pyorrhea may be controlled or eliminated with treatment, infection will always return whenever subject experiences stress or poor diet, until mercury inlays aka ’silver‘ fillings and nickel alloy which is stainless steel, dental appliances are replaced with porcelain that does not contain uranium and infected root canals and sockets are treated, see also -Dental-, -Dental foci-, -Stomatitis-, -Gingivitis-, -Toothache-) Infections
C1380 Roaches (may target a symbiot) Infections
C1382 Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever und Lyme v Infections
C1385 Rotifer Infections
C1406 SARS 1 Infections
C1407 SARS 2 Infections
C1425 Serum schweinepest (swine fever or hog cholera) Infections
C1435 Sinusitis (sinus and lung infections can be caused by a large number of pathogens including viruses like RSV, adenovirus, parainfluenza, influenza A, influenza B, rhino virus, et al, common bacteria like strep pneum. are always suspect when condition is chronic, as are fungi) Infections
C1436 Sinusitis 1 Infections
C1438 Sinusitis 2 Infections
C1439 Sinusitis 3 Infections
C1440 Sinusitis 4 Infections
C1441 Sinusitis frontalis Infections
C1442 Sinusitis maxillaris Infections
C1443 Sinusitis, stubborn TR Infections
C1469 Staph infection 1 Infections
C1470 Staph and Strep v Infections
C1472 Staphylococci infection (see also other Staph frequencies) Infections
C1473 Staphylococcus aureus (can cause boils, carbuncles, abscesses, tooth infection, heart disease, and infect tumors) Infections
C1505 Streptococcus infection in general (streptococcus family, also see -Antiseptic in general-and other Strep sets) Infections
C1507 Streptococcus mitis HC (lung infection, tooth infection, abscesses, stiff knees) Infections
C1511 Inflammation de l’oreille moyenne (gonflement de l’oreille moyenne et / ou infection et fièvre, utiliser -Pneumonie à streptocoques- s’il n’y a pas d’amélioration immédiate) Infections
C1512 Streptococcus pneumoniae HC (pneumonia, inner ear disease) Infections
C1528 Stye (staph infection of sebaceous gland of eyelash, also use -Staphylococci infection- set) Infections
C1540 Syphilis Infections
C1548 Tetanus (infectious disease of the central nervous system caused by clostridium tetani) Infections
C1549 Tetanus, secondary Infections
C1556 Thrush (use -Candida- and see Stomatitis frequencies) Infections
C1572 Toxoplasmosis (a serious, infectious disease that can be either acquired or present at birth and that is commonly contracted by handling contaminated cat litter) Infections
C1593 Tuberculosis (also see -Tuberculinum-, some think some chronic lung infections can actually be a mild case of TB and recommend to run a TB set periodically, especially after traveling on airplanes and/or abroad) Infections
C1595 Tuberculosis aviare Infections
C1596 Tuberculosis bovine Infections
C1597 Tuberculosis klebsiella Infections
C1598 Tuberculosis rod E.coli infections Infections
C1599 Tuberculosis rod form Infections
C1600 Tuberculosis, secondary complications Infections
C1602 Tularemia (a serious infectious disease also called deerfly fever or rabbit fever) Infections
C1622 Vaginosis (non-specific infection, also see -Gardinerella-, -Candida-, and -Trichomonas-) Infections
C1624 Varicoses Infections
C1625 Variola (use -Smallpox-) Infections
C1657 Yeast cervical (also use -Candida-) Infections
C1658 Yeast in general (also see -Candida-, use -Parasites in general-, -roundworm-, and -ascaris- if no lasting relief) Infections
C1659 Yeast in general v Infections
C1662 Yellow fly Infections
C1663 Yersenia pestis (aka Bubonic plague, spread primarily by fleas on rats) Infections
C1664 Yersenia pestis 1 Infections
C1666 Zygomycosis (also called mucormycosis, a serious fungal infection usually associated with uncontrolled diabetes mellitus or immunosuppressive drugs) Infections
VEG10 Herpes v Infections
VEG12 Lyme und Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever v Infections
VEG13 Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever und Lyme v Infections
VEG21 Shingles v Infections
VEG23 Strep and Staph v Infections
U7 Actinomycosis Infections
U13 AIDS Infections
U42 Bacillus infections (P ccli and P ccli rod) Infections
U44 Bacterial infections Infections
U50 Biting of insects Infections
U67 Bubonic plague Infections
U68 Bubonic plus secondary infections Infections
U69 Bunion pain Infections
U86 Cholera Infections
U112 Diphtheria Infections
U133 Epstein-Barr Infections
U161 Fungal infection Infections
U167 German measles Infections
U187 Headaches  due to parasites Infections
U196 Herpes Zoster Infections
U217 Infantile paralysis (polio) Infections
U218 Infections (many classes) Infections
U242 Leprosy, secondary infection Infections
U251 Lupus erythematosis Infections
U253 Lyme disease Infections
U259 Malaria Infections
U260 Measles Infections
U274 Mumps Infections
U335 Rabies Infections
U344 Rubella Infections
U351 Shingles (herpes zoster) Infections
U352 Shingles (herpes zoster), secondary Infections
U356 Smallpox Infections
U357 Smallpox, secondary Infections
U385 Syphilis Infections
U387 Tetanus Infections
U388 Tetanus, secondary complications Infections
U401 Tuberculosis (experimental) Infections
U402 Tuberculosis (experimental), secondary complications Infections
U403 Tuberculosis, rod, E. coli TB infections Infections
U404 Tuberculosis, virus, TB variants Infections
U405 Typhoid Infections
U413 Verruca (viral wart) Infections
U415 Warts Infections
A133 Hepatitis (jaundice) Liver, pancreas, spleen
A184 Inflammation of the liver Liver, pancreas, spleen
A185 Liver enlargement Liver, pancreas, spleen
A211 Spleen strengthening Liver, pancreas, spleen
A251 Pancreatic weakness Liver, pancreas, spleen
C28 Aflatoxin (a liver-damaging toxin produced by certain food molds) Liver, pancreas, spleen
C56 Amoeba hepar abcess (liver abcess caused by amoebic infection) Liver, pancreas, spleen
C137 Balantidium coli HC (cysts, B. coli is the largest ciliated protozoon found in humans and can cause a severe colitis with ulcerations) Liver, pancreas, spleen
C138 Bantis syndrome (ailment in which blood vessels between the intestines and the liver become blocked, leading to congestion of the veins, an enlarged spleen, bleeding of the stomach and intestines, cirrhosis of the liver, and blood cell destruction) Liver, pancreas, spleen
C151 Biliary cirrhosis (an inflammatory condition in which bile flow through the liver is obstructed) Liver, pancreas, spleen
C152 Biliary headache Liver, pancreas, spleen
C154 Bilirubin (a bile pigment that may result in jaundice in high concentrations, see also -Liver support-) Liver, pancreas, spleen
C352 Cirrhosis biliary (an inflammatory condition in which bile flow through the liver is obstructed) Liver, pancreas, spleen
C353 Cirrhosis hepatitis Liver, pancreas, spleen
C693 Hepatitis A (add -Hepatitis in general- frequencies if necessary) Liver, pancreas, spleen
C694 Hepatitis B (add -Hepatitis in general- frequencies if necessary) Liver, pancreas, spleen
C695 Hepatitis B HC (antigen) Liver, pancreas, spleen
C696 Hepatitis C (also try -Parasites schistosoma mansoni- and -Hepatitis in general- frequencies if necessary) Liver, pancreas, spleen
C698 Hepatitis C 1 Liver, pancreas, spleen
C700 Hepatitis C TR Liver, pancreas, spleen
C701 Hepatitis in general Liver, pancreas, spleen
C702 Hepatitis in general, secondary Liver, pancreas, spleen
C703 Hepatitis in general v Liver, pancreas, spleen
C709 Herpes simplex I (secondary, cold sores: primarily non-genital, first try -Herpes in general-) Liver, pancreas, spleen
C774 Icterus haemolytic (a chronic form of jaundice involving anemia) Liver, pancreas, spleen
C887 Jaundice (see also -Liver support-, -gallbladder-, -Leptospirosis-, and -Parasites fluke- and -Parasites in general- frequency sets) Liver, pancreas, spleen
C929 Liver enlargement Liver, pancreas, spleen
C932 Liver stores bile cholesterol Liver, pancreas, spleen
C933 Liver support Liver, pancreas, spleen
C1143 Pancreas Liver, pancreas, spleen
C1144 Pancreatic insufficiency Liver, pancreas, spleen
C1464 Spleen, enlarged Liver, pancreas, spleen
C1465 Spleen, secondary Liver, pancreas, spleen
VEG11 Hepatitis v Liver, pancreas, spleen
U194 Hepatitis in general (placement is over and behind liver) Liver, pancreas, spleen
U233 Jaundice Liver, pancreas, spleen
U246 Liver  enlargement Liver, pancreas, spleen
U301 Pancreas disorders Liver, pancreas, spleen
U302 Pancreatic insufficiency Liver, pancreas, spleen
U361 Spleen, enlarged Liver, pancreas, spleen
U362 Spleen, enlarged, secondary Liver, pancreas, spleen
A17 Appendix strengthening Stomach, intestines and digestion
A18 Appendicitis Stomach, intestines and digestion
A30 Stomach pain Stomach, intestines and digestion
A50 Colitis mucosa Stomach, intestines and digestion
A52 Gut, weakened Stomach, intestines and digestion
A60 Small intestine, weakened Stomach, intestines and digestion
A61 Diarrhea Stomach, intestines and digestion
A64 Dyspepsia Stomach, intestines and digestion
A98 Gastritis Stomach, intestines and digestion
A147 Hyperacidity (stomach acid production too high) Stomach, intestines and digestion
A149 Hypoacidity (gastric acid production too low) Stomach, intestines and digestion
A198 Stomach discomfort Stomach, intestines and digestion
A199 Stomach inflammation with gas formation Stomach, intestines and digestion
A200 Gastric ulcer Stomach, intestines and digestion
A201 Gastric strengthening Stomach, intestines and digestion
A208 Meteorism (flatulence) Stomach, intestines and digestion
A308 Esophageal diseases Stomach, intestines and digestion
A337 Indigestion Stomach, intestines and digestion
A341 Constipation Stomach, intestines and digestion
C73 Appendicitis (Seek medical help! If micro perforation has occurred, infection must be eliminated before drinking any water or eating. Even a few drops of water may be fatal) Stomach, intestines and digestion
C74 Appendicitis 1 Stomach, intestines and digestion
C140 Barretts esophagus 1 (changes in esophageal cells usually caused by acid reflux) Stomach, intestines and digestion
C317 Cells of Leudig (colon tonic) Stomach, intestines and digestion
C376 Colitis and diarrhea (inflammation of the colon) Stomach, intestines and digestion
C378 Colon problems in general Stomach, intestines and digestion
C392 Constipation (also use -Parasites in general- and -roundworm- sets if necessary) Stomach, intestines and digestion
C418 Cramping and nausea Stomach, intestines and digestion
C419 Cramps Stomach, intestines and digestion
C423 Crohn’s and_other bowel problems v Stomach, intestines and digestion
C424 Crohn’s disease (also use -Colitis-, -Colon-, and -Parasite- frequencies) Stomach, intestines and digestion
C425 Crohn’s disease protozoa 1 Stomach, intestines and digestion
C426 Crohn’s disease viroid 1 Stomach, intestines and digestion
C476 Diarrhea (see also -Colitis-, -Clostridium difficile-, -E. coli- and for chronic problems -giardia- and -IBS- frequencies, also see -Parasite in general- set if no relief) Stomach, intestines and digestion
C485 Diverticulitis acute (see -Intestines-, -Inflammation-) Stomach, intestines and digestion
C486 Diverticulosis (characterized by tiny hernias of intestinal tissue protruding through the muscular wall of the colon) Stomach, intestines and digestion
C494 Duodenitis Stomach, intestines and digestion
C498 Dyspepsia (indigestion, if chronic or with bloating, also see -Parasites in general-) Stomach, intestines and digestion
C560 Esophagus (constriction, also see -Antiseptic in general- and dental frequencies) Stomach, intestines and digestion
C599 Flatulence Stomach, intestines and digestion
C685 Helicobacter pylori (ulcer) Stomach, intestines and digestion
C686 Helicobacter pylori 1 Stomach, intestines and digestion
C687 Helicobacter pylori 2 Stomach, intestines and digestion
C762 Hyperacidity, stomach Stomach, intestines and digestion
C769 Hypochondrium upper abdomen Stomach, intestines and digestion
C775 Ileocolitis colon inflammation (also use -Colitis- if necssary and see -Parasites in general- and -roundworm- sets) Stomach, intestines and digestion
C881 Intestinal problems, colon (see also -Colitis-) Stomach, intestines and digestion
C885 Irritable bowel syndrome (see also -Parasites in general- set and -Colitis-) Stomach, intestines and digestion
C906 Large intestine tonic Stomach, intestines and digestion
C910 Laxative mild Stomach, intestines and digestion
C978 Malabsorption syndrome (use with -Parasites in general- set) Stomach, intestines and digestion
C1491 Stomach disorders (see also -E. Coli- and -Parasites in general- if no lasting relief) Stomach, intestines and digestion
C1492 Stomach gas Stomach, intestines and digestion
C1608 Ulcer duodenal Stomach, intestines and digestion
C1609 Ulcer gastric Stomach, intestines and digestion
VEG1 Crohn’s and other bowel problems v Stomach, intestines and digestion
VEG5 Colitis and Diarrhea v Stomach, intestines and digestion
U29 Appendicitis (IMPORTANT: if microperforation has occurred, infection must be eliminated before drinking any water. Even a few drops of water may be fatal!) Stomach, intestines and digestion
U91 Colic Stomach, intestines and digestion
U92 Colitis (irritation of colon) Stomach, intestines and digestion
U93 Colon problems in general Stomach, intestines and digestion
U95 Constipation Stomach, intestines and digestion
U101 Crohn’s disease Stomach, intestines and digestion
U111 Diarrhea, dysentery Stomach, intestines and digestion
U117 Dropsy Stomach, intestines and digestion
U119 Duodenal ulcer Stomach, intestines and digestion
U122 Dyspepsia (indigestion) Stomach, intestines and digestion
U136 Esophagus (constriction) Stomach, intestines and digestion
U153 Flatulence Stomach, intestines and digestion
U166 Gastritis and flatus Stomach, intestines and digestion
U215 Ileocolitis, colon inflammation Stomach, intestines and digestion
U224 Indigestion Stomach, intestines and digestion
U228 Intestinal problems, colon Stomach, intestines and digestion
U229 Intestinal problems in general Stomach, intestines and digestion
U231 Irritable bowel syndrome Stomach, intestines and digestion
U239 Large intestine Stomach, intestines and digestion
U241 Laxative, mild Stomach, intestines and digestion
U258 Malabsorption syndrome Stomach, intestines and digestion
U309 Pelvic inflammatory disease Stomach, intestines and digestion
U337 Raynaud’s disease Stomach, intestines and digestion
U371 Stomach disorders Stomach, intestines and digestion
A13 Nightmares Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
A48 Cerebral palsy Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
A53 Depression Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
A65 Wetting Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
A76 Enuresis (bedwetting) Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
A78 Epilepsy Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
A85 Facial paralysis Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
A99 Memory loss Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
A100 Brain stimulation Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
A101 Brain waves, alpha state Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
A102 Brain waves, beta state Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
A103 Brain waves, delta state Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
A104 Brain waves, theta state Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
A150 Hypochondria Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
A152 Hysteria Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
A156 Intercostal neuralgia Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
A159 Cold feet Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
A160 Cold hands Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
A161 Cold torso Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
A181 Paralysis, stiff Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
A209 Migraine Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
A215 Multiple sclerosis Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
A228 Nervous diseases Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
A229 Nervousness, irritability Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
A231 Neuralgia Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
A232 Neurasthenia Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
A233 Neurosis Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
A255 Phobia Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
A307 Spasticity Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
A315 Stutter Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
A335 Vegetative dystonia Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
A343 Delusions, psychoses Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C36 Alcoholism Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C42 ALS 1 (Amyotropic lateral sclerosis, possibly caused by mycoplasma fermentans, also use -MS- and see -Echo virus-, -Coxsackie-, -Herpes 6-, -Bartonella- and -Lyme- frequencies) Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C43 ALS 2 (potential causative viruses) Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C46 ALS 3 Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C47 ALS 4 (also use for MS) Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C49 ALS 5 Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C51 Alzheimer’s 1 (also see -ALS- sets) Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C52 Alzheimer’s 2 Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C53 Alzheimer’s TR Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C67 Anosmia (loss of smell) Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C69 Anthrax 1 Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C71 Anxiety 1 Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C144 Bed wetting (enuresis, see also -Parasite in general-, -Pinworm-, and -Ascaris- frequencies) Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C145 Bedsores Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C177 Brain beta stimulation TR Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C320 Cerebral palsy Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C321 Cerebrospinal troubles Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C462 Depression, anxiety, trembling weakness Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C463 Depression, drugs or toxins Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C464 Depression in general (avoid starches in diet, use a multivitamin and multimineral, and drink plenty of water) Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C521 Emotional ties to diseases Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C544 Enuresis (bed wetting, use with -parasite- sets) Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C549 Epilepsy (also try Shigella) Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C568 Facial cramps Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C569 Facial paralysis Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C570 Facial toning Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C656 Gulf War Syndrome v Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C657 Guillain Barre Syndrome TR Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C664 Hallucinations Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C770 Hypophyseal disturbances (pituitary) Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C878 Intercostal neuralgia (pain in rib musculature) Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C909 Lateral sclerose (degeneration of spinal cord leading to spastic paraplegia, see also -ALS-) Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C935 Locomotor dysfunction incoordination (may be slow results, see also -Schumann resonance-) Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C1010 Mental concentration Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C1011 Mental disorders (general aid, especially if toxins ar the cause, also use mineral supplement) Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C1016 Migraine (also use -Parasites strongyloides- and -Parasites in general- sets) Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C1041 Multiple sclerosis 1 Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C1044 Multiple sclerosis 2 Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C1045 Multiple sclerosis 3 Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C1046 Multiple sclerosis 4 Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C1047 Multiple sclerosis 5 Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C1048 Multiple sclerosis 6 Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C1050 Multiple sclerosis, brain 1 Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C1051 Multiple sclerosis, brain infection Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C1052 Multiple sclerosis, myelin sheath repair Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C1053 Multiple sclerosis, secondary Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C1054 Multiple sclerosis, stiff legs Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C1055 Multiple sclerosis, tremor or twitch Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C1056 Multiple sclerosis v (aspertame, mercury, benzene, lead, and toluene can cause same symptoms, also use -Chlamydia in general- and -Herpes type 6- and see -ALS- sets, -Herpes in general-, -Blastocystis hominus-, -Parasites flukes-, -Shigella-, -Nocardia-, and -Herpes zoster-) Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C1072 Mycoplasma fermentans (may be a factor in ALS, chronic fatigue, alzheimer’s, parkinson’s, and MS) Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C1073 Mycoplasma in general (can be useful for lung, sinus, and other problems which do not respond to other frequencies) Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C1097 Nerve disorders and neuropathy Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C1099 Nerves healing Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C1100 Nervousness Prozac agitation (akathisia, see also -Relaxation-) Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C1101 Neuralgia (a painful disorder of the nervous system) Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C1102 Neuralgia intercostal Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C1108 Nocardia asteroides HC (found in Parkinson’s disease) Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C1142 Palsy general Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C1153 Paralysis, nonspastic Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C1154 Paralysis, spastic Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C1256 Paresis Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C1257 Paresthesia Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C1258 Parkinson tremor Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C1259 Parkinson’s disease (a slowly progressive, degenerative, neurologic disorder, also use -Mycoplasma fermentans-, try -Chlamydia pneumoniae-, and see -Nocardia asteroides- frequencies) skin
C1260 Parkinson’s v Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C1316 Porphyria (several rare disorders of the nervous system and skin) Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C1358 Refractory an Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C1388 Ruko tick Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C1411 Schizophrenia, paranoid 1 (also see -Tuberculosis-) Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C1419 Sclerosis, lateral (degeneration of spinal cord resulting in spastic paraplegia) Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C1427 Shigella (can cause acute dysentery and diarrhea as well as infect nerves, brain, and spinal cord chronically) Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C1461 Spastic paresis Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C1468 Stammering Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C1551 Thalamus stimulant Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C1557 Thymus stimulation Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
C1574 Trauma Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
VEG9 Gulf War Syndrome v Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
VEG15 MS v Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
VEG18 Parkinson’s v Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
U15 Alcoholism Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
U30 Appetite, lack of Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
U46 Bedsores Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
U47 Bed wetting (enuresis) Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
U80 Cerebral palsy Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
U81 Cerebrospinal troubles Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
U106 Depression, anxiety, trembling, weakness Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
U107 Depression (due to outside circumstances) Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
U108 Depression (due to drugs or toxins, reported use on solar plexus and head) Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
U115 Dizziness, vertigo Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
U127 Enuresis (bed wetting) Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
U132 Epilepsy Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
U141 Facial cramps Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
U142 Facial paralysis Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
U143 Facial toning Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
U144 Fainting Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
U182 Hallucinations Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
U183 Hangover Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
U188 Caused by vertebral misalignment unknown cause Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
U206 Hyperosmia (overacute smell and taste) Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
U211 Hypochondrium, upper abdomen Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
U212 Hypophyseal (pituitary) disturbances Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
U264 Mental concentration Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
U265 Mental disorders (general aid, especially if toxins are the cause) Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
U266 Migraine Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
U270 Multiple sclerosis (complications only) Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
U278 Nervousness, Prozac agitation (akathsia, reported use was on neck) Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
U279 Nerve disorders Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
U280 Neuralgia Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
U281 Neuralgia, intercostal Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
U283 Neurosis Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
U307 Paresis Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
U348 Sciatic or schias (severe cases require direct application of electrodes over and behind afflicted area and high intensity) Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
U349 Sedative effect (reported use on bleeding, bruises, insomnia, sinusitis, also reported use on lymph stasis/edema- auricular treatment) Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
U350 Sexual dysfunction Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
U364 Stammering Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
A36 Bladder and prostate strengthening Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
A37 Cystitis Kidney, bladder, urinary tract, prostate
A38 Lowering of the bladder Kidney, bladder, urinary tract, prostate
A123 Inflammation of the ureter (ureteritis) Kidney, bladder, urinary tract, prostate
A124 Ureteral stones Kidney, bladder, urinary tract, prostate
A125 Narrowing of the ureter Kidney, bladder, urinary tract, prostate
A143 Testicular inflammation Kidney, bladder, urinary tract, prostate
A153 Impotence Kidney, bladder, urinary tract, prostate
A234 Inflammation of the kidneys (Bright’s disease) Kidney, bladder, urinary tract, prostate
A235 Inflammation of the kidneys, nephrosis Kidney, bladder, urinary tract, prostate
A236 Renal failure Kidney, bladder, urinary tract, prostate
A237 Kidney strengthening Kidney, bladder, urinary tract, prostate
A238 Kidney stones Kidney, bladder, urinary tract, prostate
A263 Prostate and bladder tumors, malignant Kidney, bladder, urinary tract, prostate
C156 Bladder and prostate complaints Kidney, bladder, urinary tract, prostate
C157 Bladder TBC Kidney, bladder, urinary tract, prostate
C439 Cystopyelo nephritis (inflammation from bladder to kidney) Kidney, bladder, urinary tract, prostate
C650 Gravel urine Kidney, bladder, urinary tract, prostate
C675 Headaches, urogenitally caused Kidney, bladder, urinary tract, prostate
C780 Impotence (many classes, also use -Circulatory stasis-) Kidney, bladder, urinary tract, prostate
C781 Incontinence 1 Kidney, bladder, urinary tract, prostate
C787 Infertility (see also -Impotence-) Kidney, bladder, urinary tract, prostate
C892 Kidney insufficiency Kidney, bladder, urinary tract, prostate
C893 Kidney papilloma (small, usually benign growth on a kidney) Kidney, bladder, urinary tract, prostate
C894 Kidney stimulation TR (specified by True Rife as may help against infections common in acute renal failure) Kidney, bladder, urinary tract, prostate
C897 Kidney stones (use with vitamin, mineral, and herb supplementation) Kidney, bladder, urinary tract, prostate
C1096 Nephritis (kidney inflammatory disease, also treat for stones and crystals supplementally, or nephrosis non inflammatory kidney disease) Kidney, bladder, urinary tract, prostate
C1146 Papilloma kidney (small, usually benign growth on a kidney) Kidney, bladder, urinary tract, prostate
C1321 Prostate adenominum Kidney, bladder, urinary tract, prostate
C1322 Prostate, enlarged (see -Prostatitis- and other prostate sets and -Strep in general-) Kidney, bladder, urinary tract, prostate
C1324 Prostate problems in general (see also -Strep- sets and practice metals avoidance) Kidney, bladder, urinary tract, prostate
C1326 Prostatitis 1 Kidney, bladder, urinary tract, prostate
C1363 Renal excretory insufficiency diastolic hypertensive (also see -Kidney insufficiency-) Kidney, bladder, urinary tract, prostate
C1615 Uremia (also known as uremic poisoning, excessive amounts of nitrogenous waste products in the blood, as seen in kidney failure, also use -Kidney- and -Lymph stasis- freqs.) Kidney, bladder, urinary tract, prostate
C1618 Urinary Tract Infections (also see -Bacterium coli- sets) Kidney, bladder, urinary tract, prostate
U51 Bladder and Prostate complaints Kidney, bladder, urinary tract, prostate
U62 Bright’s syndrome (nephritis) Kidney, bladder, urinary tract, prostate
U102 Cystitis (of urinary bladder) Kidney, bladder, urinary tract, prostate
U179 Gravel in urine Kidney, bladder, urinary tract, prostate
U186 Headaches, due urogenitally caused Kidney, bladder, urinary tract, prostate
U216 Impotence (many classes) Kidney, bladder, urinary tract, prostate
U235 Kidneys, help to Kidney, bladder, urinary tract, prostate
U236 Kidney insufficiency Kidney, bladder, urinary tract, prostate
U237 Kidney stones Kidney, bladder, urinary tract, prostate
U277 Nephritis, nephrosis Kidney, bladder, urinary tract, prostate
U327 Prostate complaints Kidney, bladder, urinary tract, prostate
U328 Prostatitis (benign prostate tumor) Kidney, bladder, urinary tract, prostate
U407 Urethritis Kidney, bladder, urinary tract, prostate
C630 General demo (greatest hits) Kidney, bladder, urinary tract, prostate
C653 Green Dye without assignment
C877 Intelligence and clarity of thought without assignment
C1109 Nogier frequencies without assignment
C1151 Paraceli without assignment
C1292 Planetary orbits (brainwave frequencies, from mercury to pluto) without assignment
C1389 Sacred numbers without assignment
C1413 Schuman B Cell without assignment
C1450 Solfeggio scale without assignment
C1635 Vision, poor (see also -Cataracts-) without assignment
C1637 Vitamag, complete set without assignment
C1646 Wellness without assignment
U416 Whiplash without assignment
A47 Candida without assignment
A353 Worms Parasites directly
BOE5 Human papillomavirus type 16 Parasites directly
C10 Actinobacillus (a potentially pathogenic bacteria found in mammals) Parasites directly
C11 Actinomyces israelii (also see -Streptothrix-) Parasites directly
C12 Actinomycosis (use -Streptothrix-) Parasites directly
C18 Adenovirus (a virus that can cause colds/flu and infections in the lungs, stomach, and intestines) Parasites directly
C19 Adenovirus 36 (AD-36 may be related to weight gain in some cases) Parasites directly
C20 Adenovirus comp Parasites directly
C23 Adenovirus HC Parasites directly
C29 Aflatoxin HC Parasites directly
C68 Anthrax (also see -Bacillus anthracis HC-) Parasites directly
C93 Aspergillus flavus (mold found on corn, peanuts, and grain that produces aflatoxin) Parasites directly
C94 Aspergillus in general Parasites directly
C95 Aspergillus glaucus (blue mold occurring in some human infectious processes) Parasites directly
C96 Aspergillus niger (common mold that may produce severe and persistent infection) Parasites directly
C97 Aspergillus terreus (mold occasionally associated with infection of the bronchi and lungs) Parasites directly
C115 Bacillus anthracis HC Parasites directly
C116 Bacillus cereus Parasites directly
C117 Bacillus Coli Rod Form Parasites directly
C118 Bacillus Coli Virus Parasites directly
C119 Bacillus infections (B. coli, B. coli rod) Parasites directly
C120 Bacillus licheniformis Parasites directly
C121 Bacillus subtilis (can cause conjunctivitis) Parasites directly
C122 Bacillus subtilis niger HC Parasites directly
C123 Bacillus thuringiensis Parasites directly
C131 Bacterium coli (a type of E. coli normally found in the intestines, water, milk, and soil that is the most frequent cause of urinary-tract infections and a common cause of wound infection) Parasites directly
C132 Bacterium coli commune combination Parasites directly
C133 Bacteroides fragilis (use with -Parasites ascaris- set) Parasites directly
C134 Bacteroides fragilis HC Parasites directly
C139 Barley smut (homeopathic preparation for an allergen) Parasites directly
C141 Bartonella henslae (virus which causes cat scratch fever) Parasites directly
C142 Basidiomycetes Parasites directly
C146 Bells Palsy 1 (also see -Herpes in general-) Parasites directly
C149 Beta streptococcus HC Parasites directly
C158 Blastocystis hominis Parasites directly
C170 Bordetella pertussis HC Parasites directly
C172 Borrelia burgdorferi HC (causes Lyme disease, see also -Lyme disease-) Parasites directly
C173 Botrytis Parasites directly
C174 Botrytis cinerea Parasites directly
C175 Botulinum (a bacillus that causes an often fatal form of food poisoning) Parasites directly
C205 Campylobacter (bacteria causing sudden infectious diarrhea in newborns) Parasites directly
C206 Campylobacter fetus HC (smear) Parasites directly
C207 Campylobacter pyloridid HC Parasites directly
C287 Candida (also see -Parasites in general-, -roundworm-, and -ascaris- if these don’t work long term, some think that chronic candida cannot be cured unless toxic metal accumulation is reduced or eliminated by using a metals cleanse) Parasites directly
C289 Candida 1 Parasites directly
C291 Candida 2 (includes candida carcinomas and tropicalis) Parasites directly
C292 Candida albicans HC Parasites directly
C294 Candida, secondary (also use other parasite sets, especially -roundworm- frequencies if necessary) Parasites directly
C295 Candida sweep TR Parasites directly
C296 Candida, tertiary (some causal factors) Parasites directly
C297 Candida tropicalis Parasites directly
C298 Canine parvovirus Parasites directly
C299 Canine parvovirus mutant strain Parasites directly
C300 Canine parvovirus, type B Parasites directly
C318 Cephalosporium (fungi that are the source of some broad spectrum antibiotics) Parasites directly
C319 Cephalothecium Parasites directly
C326 Chaetomium globosum Parasites directly
C336 Chilomonas HC Parasites directly
C337 Chlamydia in general Parasites directly
C338 Chlamydia pneumoniae Parasites directly
C339 Chlamydia trachomatis (a usually sexually transmitted bacterial infection causing trachoma, inclusion conjunctivitis, lymphogranuloma venereum, urethritis, and proctitis) Parasites directly
C340 Chlamydia trachomatis HC Parasites directly
C354 Cladosporium fulvum (a pathogenic fungus) Parasites directly
C355 Clostridium acetobutylicum HC Parasites directly
C356 Clostridium botulinum HC (produces botulin toxin that causes botulism, a type of food poisoning) Parasites directly
C357 Clostridium difficile (can cause diarrhea following treatment with antibiotics) Parasites directly
C358 Clostridium perringens HC (spores) Parasites directly
C359 Clostridium septicum HC Parasites directly
C399 Corn smut Parasites directly
C400 Coronavirus, SARS Parasites directly
C403 Corynebacterium xerosis HC Parasites directly
C409 Coxsackie B1 Parasites directly
C410 Coxsackie B1 HC Parasites directly
C411 Coxsackie B2 Parasites directly
C412 Coxsackie B3 Parasites directly
C413 Coxsackie B4 Parasites directly
C414 Coxsackie B4 HC Parasites directly
C415 Coxsackie B5 Parasites directly
C416 Coxsackie B6 Parasites directly
C431 Cunninghamella Parasites directly
C441 Cytochalasin HC Parasites directly
C442 Cytomegalovirus (CMV, known as salivary gland virus or human herpes type 5) Parasites directly
C443 Cytomegalovirus HC Parasites directly
C444 Cytophaga rubra HC Parasites directly
C447 Dematium nigrum (soil fungi found in human lesions) Parasites directly
C499 E. coli (Escherichia coli, can cause infections in wounds and the urinary tract, if using these leads to common cold symptoms, follow with -Adenovirus- frequencies) Parasites directly
C501 E. coli 1 (recommended for cancer adjunct) Parasites directly
C502 E. coli comp Parasites directly
C504 E. coli HC Parasites directly
C505 E. coli mutant strain Parasites directly
C511 Echo Virus (Endometriosis Tuberylosa, can cause a type of viral meningitis) Parasites directly
C533 Entamoeba coil HC (trophozoite) Parasites directly
C534 Entamoeba gingivalis HC (trophozoite) Parasites directly
C535 Entamoeba histolytica (highly damaging protozoa causing dysentery and liver infection) Parasites directly
C536 Entamoeba histolytica HC Parasites directly
C537 Entamoeba histolytica, secondary Parasites directly
C538 Enterobacter aerogenes HC (causes intestinal problems) Parasites directly
C542 Enterovirus in general (generic term meaning small virus, includes Echo, Coxsackie, and Polio) Parasites directly
C545 Epicoccum Parasites directly
C547 Epidermophyton floccinum (fungus that attacks skin & nails, including some athlete’s foot and jock itch ringworms, also use -Microsporum- frequencies and -Fungal in general- if necessary) Parasites directly
C550 Epstein Barr HC Parasites directly
C551 Epstein Barr virus (the herpes virus causing mononucleosis) Parasites directly
C552 Epstein Barr virus, secondary (also try -Parasites in general- and -roundworm- frequencies) Parasites directly
C553 Ergot HC Parasites directly
C554 Erwinia amylovora HC Parasites directly
C555 Erwinia carotovora HC Parasites directly
C559 Escherichia coli (use -E. coli-) Parasites directly
C576 Feli Parasites directly
C584 Fibroids in general (see -Parasites in general- and -Parasites flukes-) Parasites directly
C594 Fish pyrogen Parasites directly
C598 FIV Parasites directly
C613 Fungus and mold v Parasites directly
C615 Fungus EW range Parasites directly
C616 Fungus flora 1 Parasites directly
C617 Fungus foot and general 1 Parasites directly
C618 Fungus in general (also see candida, yeast, and other specific types) Parasites directly
C622 Fusarium in general Parasites directly
C623 Fusarium oxysporum (a fungus causing inflammation of the cornea of the eye) Parasites directly
C636 Geotrichum candidum (fungus found in feces and dairy products whose manifestations resemble those of candida) Parasites directly
C643 Gliocladium (brain fungus) Parasites directly
C750 Hormodendrum (a genus of fungi that includes human pathogens) Parasites directly
C755 Human T lymphocyte Virus 1 (used for MS and autoimmune disease) Parasites directly
C756 Human T lymphocyte Virus 2 (used for Gulf War syndrome) Parasites directly
C757 Human T lymphocyte Virus 3 (used for AIDS) Parasites directly
C758 Human T lymphocyte Virus 4 Parasites directly
C759 Human T lymphocyte Virus 5 Parasites directly
C760 Human T lymphocyte Virus 6 Parasites directly
C876 Insomnia (see also -Parasites in general- set) Parasites directly
C904 Lactobacillus acidophilus HC Parasites directly
C948 Lycogala HC Parasites directly
C984 Malassezia furfur (causes tinea versicolor, see also -Fungus in general-) Parasites directly
C991 Measles Parasites directly
C992 Measles HC (antigen) Parasites directly
C993 Measles rubella (German or 3 day measles) Parasites directly
C994 Measles rubella, secondary Parasites directly
C995 Measles rubella vaccine Parasites directly
C996 Measles rubeola (9 day measles) Parasites directly
C997 Measles vaccine Parasites directly
C1003 Meningcoccus Virus Parasites directly
C1014 Microsporum audouini (a fungus which commonly causes ringworm of the scalp and other areas) Parasites directly
C1015 Microsporum canis (a fungus causing ringworm in cats, dogs, and children) Parasites directly
C1026 Morgan (bact) Parasites directly
C1035 Mucor plumbeus Parasites directly
C1067 Mycobacterium phlei HC Parasites directly
C1069 Mycogone fungoides Parasites directly
C1070 Mycogone fungoides, secondary Parasites directly
C1071 Mycogone spp (homeopathic allergenic preparation based on fungus) Parasites directly
C1075 Mycoplasma HC Parasites directly
C1078 Mycoplasma salivarium 1 (run each for 18 min after building up) Parasites directly
C1084 Myxosoma HC Parasites directly
C1086 Nanobacter (Nanobacterium sanguineum, a nanobacteria which can be found in some calcium deposits in the arteries, kidneys, gallbladder, muscle, and joints as well as in increased numbers in those with autoimmune diseases such as lupus, psoriasis, scleroderma, and similar disorders) Parasites directly
C1087 Nanobacteria 2 Parasites directly
C1088 Nanobacteria 3 Parasites directly
C1089 Nanobacteria sanguineum TR Parasites directly
C1093 Nausea and cramping (also see -Parasites in general-, -enterobiasis-, -roundworms- for chronic conditions) Parasites directly
C1105 Neurospora sitophila Parasites directly
C1106 Nigrospora spp Parasites directly
C1114 Oospora Parasites directly
C1147 Papilloma virus (causes warts and benign tumors having a branch or stalk and in some cases white patches known as leukoplakia) Parasites directly
C1148 Papilloma virus cervix HC (smear) Parasites directly
C1149 Papilloma virus plantar wart HC Parasites directly
C1150 Papilloma virus wart HC Parasites directly
C1156 Paramyxovirus (experimental! types avian 6 and tupaia) Parasites directly
C1157 Parasites ancylostoma braziliense HC (dog and cat hookworm, the larva of which is the most common cause of cutaneous larva migrans aka creeping eruption, also see -Parasites hookworm-) Parasites directly
C1158 Parasites ancylostoma caninum HC Parasites directly
C1159 Parasites ascaris Parasites directly
C1160 Parasites ascaris HC (larvae in lung) Parasites directly
C1161 Parasites ascaris megalocephala HC Parasites directly
C1162 Parasites capillaria hepatica HC Parasites directly
C1163 Parasites clonorchis sinensis HC Parasites directly
C1164 Parasites cryptocotyle lingua HC Parasites directly
C1165 Parasites dirofilaria immitis HC (dog heartworm) Parasites directly
C1166 Parasites echinoparyphium recurvatum HC Parasites directly
C1167 Parasites echinostoma revolutum HC Parasites directly
C1168 Parasites enterobiasis (pinworms, intestinal worms that cause itching in the anal and perianal area) Parasites directly
C1169 Parasites enterobius vermicularis HC Parasites directly
C1170 Parasites eurytrema pancreaticum HC Parasites directly
C1171 Parasites fasciola hepatica HC Parasites directly
C1172 Parasites fasciola hepatica cercariac HC Parasites directly
C1173 Parasites fasciola hepatica eggs HC Parasites directly
C1174 Parasites fasciola hepatica miracidia HC Parasites directly
C1175 Parasites fasciola hepatica rediae HC Parasites directly
C1176 Parasites fasciolopsis buskii adult HC Parasites directly
C1177 Parasites fasciolopsis buskil eggs HC Parasites directly
C1178 Parasites fasciolopsis cercariae HC Parasites directly
C1179 Parasites fasciolopsis miracidia HC Parasites directly
C1180 Parasiten fasciolopsis rediae HC Parasites directly
C1181 Parasites filariose (worms in blood and organs of mammals, larvae passed from biting insects) Parasites directly
C1182 Parasites fischoedrius elongatus HC Parasites directly
C1183 Parasites flukes blood Parasites directly
C1184 Parasites flukes in general (pancreatic, liver, and intestinal) Parasites directly
C1186 Parasites flukes in general, short set Parasites directly
C1187 Parasites flukes, intestinal Parasites directly
C1188 Parasites flukes, liver Parasites directly
C1189 Parasites flukes, lymph Parasites directly
C1190 Parasites flukes, pancreatic 1 Parasites directly
C1191 Parasites flukes, sheep liver Parasites directly
C1192 Parasites follicular mange Parasites directly
C1193 Parasites gastrothylax elongatus HC Parasites directly
C1194 Parasites in general 1 Parasites directly
C1195 Parasites in general 2 Parasites directly
C1197 Parasites in general, alternative v Parasites directly
C1198 Parasites in general, comprehensive Parasites directly
C1200 Parasites in general, short set Parasites directly
C1201 Parasites in general, custom 2 TR Parasites directly
C1202 Parasites giardia Parasites directly
C1203 Parasites giardia lamblia HC Parasites directly
C1204 Parasites gyrodactylus HC Parasites directly
C1205 Parasites haemonchus contortus HC Parasites directly
C1206 Parasites heartworms Parasites directly
C1207 Parasites helminthsporium (worm eggs) Parasites directly
C1208 Parasites hookworm Parasites directly
C1209 Parasites leishmania braziliensis Parasites directly
C1210 Parasites leishmania braziliensis HC Parasites directly
C1211 Parasites leishmania donovani Parasites directly
C1212 Parasites leishmania donovani HC Parasites directly
C1213 Parasites leishmania mexicana HC Parasites directly
C1214 Parasites leishmania tropica Parasites directly
C1215 Parasites leishmania tropica HC Parasites directly
C1216 Parasites loa loa HC Parasites directly
C1217 Parasites macracanthorhynchus HC Parasites directly
C1218 Parasites metagonimus Yokogawai HC Parasites directly
C1219 Parasites nematode Parasites directly
C1220 Parasites onchocerca volvulus HC (tumor) Parasites directly
C1221 Parasites paragonimus Westermanil HC Parasites directly
C1222 Parasites passalurus ambiguus HC Parasites directly
C1223 Parasites pinworm (use -Parasites enterobiasis-) Parasites directly
C1224 Parasites roundworms, comp Parasites directly
C1227 Parasites roundworms in general Parasites directly
C1229 Parasites roundworms in general, short set Parasites directly
C1230 Parasites roundworms flatworms TR (use when there is chronic pain from these) Parasites directly
C1231 Parasites scabies (follicular mange which is contagious dermatitis found in many animals that is caused by mites and in which the principle activity is at the hair follicles, also, rub skin with olive oil, let sit, then rinse with thyme tea) Parasites directly
C1232 Parasites schistosoma haematobium (blood flukes) Parasites directly
C1233 Parasites schistosoma haematobium HC Parasites directly
C1234 Parasites schistosoma mansoni (blood fluke which can cause symptoms identical to hepatitis C) Parasites directly
C1235 Parasites stephanurus dentalus (ova) Parasites directly
C1236 Parasites strongyloides (threadworm, genus of roundworms) Parasites directly
C1237 Parasites strongyloides HC (filariform larva) Parasites directly
C1238 Parasites strongyloides, secondary Parasites directly
C1240 Parasites tapeworms (if any of these frequencies are felt strongly, also use a good herbal antiparasitic regimen plus CoQ10 in large amounts) Parasites directly
C1241 Parasites tapeworms echinococcinum (tapeworms found in dogs, wolves, cats, & rodents that can infect man) Parasites directly
C1242 Parasites tapeworms, secondary Parasites directly
C1244 Parasites trichinella spiralis HC (found in muscle) Parasites directly
C1245 Parasites trichinosis Parasites directly
C1246 Parasites trichomonas vaginalis HC Parasites directly
C1247 Parasites trichuris sp HC (male) Parasites directly
C1248 Parasites trypanosoma brucel HC Parasites directly
C1249 Parasites trypanosoma cruzi HC (brain tissue) Parasites directly
C1250 Parasites trypanosoma equiperdum HC Parasites directly
C1251 Parasites trypanosoma gambiense HC Parasites directly
C1252 Parasites trypanosoma lewisi HC (blood smear) Parasites directly
C1253 Parasites trypanosoma rhodesiense TR Parasites directly
C1254 Parasites turbatrix Parasites directly
C1255 Parasites urocleidus HC Parasites directly
C1262 Parvovirus canine Parasites directly
C1263 Parvovirus canine mutant strain Parasites directly
C1264 Parvovirus canine type B Parasites directly
C1265 Parvovirus, new strain Parasites directly
C1276 Pepto streptococcus (see also other -Strep- sets) Parasites directly
C1319 Propionibacterium acnes (may be secondary cause of some prostate cancers) Parasites directly
C1320 Propionibacterium acnes HC Parasites directly
C1327 Proteus Parasites directly
C1328 Proteus mirabilis HC Parasites directly
C1329 Proteus vulgaris HC (urinary tract pathogen) Parasites directly
C1331 Pseudomonas aeruginosa (bacteria causing blue pus infections found in wounds, burns, and the urinary tract, et al) Parasites directly
C1332 Pseudomonas aeruginosa HC (causes infection in open wounds) Parasites directly
C1333 Pseudomonas in general Parasites directly
C1334 Pseudomonas mallei (also called glanders bacillus, causes glanders, a blue pus infection of the respiratory system and mouth, and transmitted occasionally to man by equine) Parasites directly
C1335 Pseudomonas pyocyanea Parasites directly
C1344 Pyelitis proteus (bacteria commonly found in hospital-borne conditions) Parasites directly
C1356 Ragweed Parasites directly
C1367 Retrovirus variants Parasites directly
C1368 Rhesus gravidatum Parasites directly
C1375 Rhizopus nigricans Parasites directly
C1376 Rhodotorula Parasites directly
C1377 Rhodococcus Parasites directly
C1378 Rickettsia (bacteria that are transmitted to man by lice, fleas, ticks, and mites, can cause typhoid fever and Q fever) Parasites directly
C1379 Ringworm (see -Microsporum audouini-, -Microsporum canis-, -Trichophyton-, and/or -Epidermophyton-) Parasites directly
C1384 Roseola (use -Herpes type 6-) Parasites directly
C1386 Rubella (use -Measles rubella-) Parasites directly
C1387 Rubeola (use -Measles rubeola-) Parasites directly
C1391 Salmonella 1 Parasites directly
C1392 Salmonella (can cause intestinal inflammation and infection, and contribute to flu in children) Parasites directly
C1393 Salmonella comp Parasites directly
C1394 Salmonella comp Parasites directly
C1395 Salmonella enteriditis HC (causes intestinal infection) Parasites directly
C1396 Salmonella paratyphi B Parasites directly
C1397 Salmonella paratyphi HC Parasites directly
C1398 Salmonella type B Parasites directly
C1399 Salmonella typhi (can cause typhoid fever) Parasites directly
C1400 Salmonella typhimurium Parasites directly
C1401 Salmonella typhimurium HC (can cause food poisoning, nervousness, apathy) Parasites directly
C1404 Sarcocystis HC Parasites directly
C1408 Scabies (use -Parasites scabies- and -Mange follicular-) Parasites directly
C1424 Serratia marcescens HC Parasites directly
C1428 Shigella dysenteriae HC Parasites directly
C1429 Shigella flexneri HC (causes depression) Parasites directly
C1430 Shigella sonnei HC (invades tumors) Parasites directly
C1433 Simian virus 40 (SV40, also try for throat and sinus issues) Parasites directly
C1434 Sinus Bacteria (also use -Sinusitis-) Parasites directly
C1451 Sore throat (also see -Pharyngitis-, -Strep in general-, -Strep pyrogenes-, and -Actinomyces israelii-) Parasites directly
C1452 Sore throat 1 Parasites directly
C1454 Sore throat comp Parasites directly
C1457 Sore throat TR Parasites directly
C1462 Sphaerotilus natans HC Parasites directly
C1463 Spirillum serpens HC Parasites directly
C1466 Sporobolomyces Parasites directly
C1467 Sporotrichum prutinosum Parasites directly
C1474 Staphylococcus aureus HC (tooth infection, abscesses, heart disease, invades tumors) Parasites directly
C1475 Staphylococcus coagulae positive Parasites directly
C1476 Staphylococcus comp Parasites directly
C1479 Staphylococcus in general Parasites directly
C1481 Stemonius HC Parasites directly
C1482 Stemphylium Parasites directly
C1483 Sterigmatocystin HC Parasites directly
C1490 Stigeoclonium HC Parasites directly
C1498 Strep and Staph v Parasites directly
C1502 Strep virus Parasites directly
C1503 Streptococcus enterococcinum (can cause infection in the digestive and urinary tracts) Parasites directly
C1504 Streptococcus hemolytic (blood infection by strep) Parasites directly
C1506 Streptococcus lactis HC (occurs in milk) Parasites directly
C1508 Streptococcus mutant strain Parasites directly
C1509 Streptococcus mutant strain, secondary Parasites directly
C1510 Streptococcus pepto (can infect digestive tract) Parasites directly
C1515 Streptococcus pyogenes (pus forming infections, can cause sore throat, skin inflammation, scarlet fever, pharyngitis, scarlet fever, impetigo, erysipelas, cellulitis, septicemia, toxic shock syndrome, and acute glomerulonephritis, see also -Antiseptic in general-) Parasites directly
C1516 Streptococcus pyogenes HC (infects teeth) Parasites directly
C1517 Streptococcus sp group G HC Parasites directly
C1518 Streptococcus viridans Parasites directly
C1519 Streptomyces griseus (soil bacteria which yields streptomycin) Parasites directly
C1520 Streptothrix (includes Actinomycosis, Nocardia, and Actinomyces israeli) Parasites directly
C1541 T lymph virus TR Parasites directly
C1550 Tetragonus Parasites directly
C1552 Thermi bacteria Parasites directly
C1553 Throat tickle, chronic (see also -Streptococcus- and -Strep pneumonia- sets) Parasites directly
C1562 Tobacco mosaic Parasites directly
C1563 Tobacco mosaic virus HC Parasites directly
C1577 Treponema pallidum HC (causes syphilis) Parasites directly
C1581 Trichophyton in general Parasites directly
C1583 Trichophyton nagel Parasites directly
C1584 Trichophyton nagel, secondary Parasites directly
C1587 Trichophyton rubrum Parasites directly
C1588 Trichophyton Tonsuraus Parasites directly
C1590 Troglodytella abrassari HC Parasites directly
C1591 Trypanosoma gambiense Parasites directly
C1592 Tuberculinum Parasites directly
C1601 Tuberculosis virus Parasites directly
C1605 Turbatrix Parasites directly
C1610 Ulcer parasites Parasites directly
C1627 Veillonella dispar HC Parasites directly
C1648 West Nile 1 Parasites directly
C1649 West Nile 2 Parasites directly
C1650 Wheat smut Parasites directly
C1651 Wheat stem rust 1 Parasites directly
C1665 Zearalenone HC Parasites directly
VEG7 Fungus and Mold v Parasites directly
VEG8 Mold and Fungus v Parasites directly
VEG17 Parasites v Parasites directly
VEG22 Staph and Strep v Parasites directly
VEG24 Yeast v Parasites directly
U73 Candida, often accompanied by other organisms Parasites directly
U84 Chicken pox (varicella) Parasites directly
U123 E. coli Parasites directly
U154 Flu (influenza mutates to new strains which may require other than these frequencies) Parasites directly
U306 Parasites (NOTE: autopsies show that parasites are a contributing factor in 40% to 75% of all illness, however ordinary diagnostic labs fail to detect their presence, because they still use fecal smears, even mucosal swabs and U.V- stains can only detect parasites in certain slages of their life cycles) Parasites directly
U340 Retrovirus, variants Parasites directly
U365 Staphylococci infection Parasites directly
U373 Streptococci infection Parasites directly
U374 Streptothrix infection Parasites directly
U418 Worms Parasites directly
A9 Acute pain Parasites directly
A22 Rheumatic arthritis pains
A23 Arthrosis pains
A51 Coxarthrosis pains
A109 Joint pain pains
A167 Knee joint pain pains
A172 Headache in general pains
A173 Headache from toxins pains
A174 Headache from parasites pains
A175 Urogenital headache pains
A176 Headache from shifted vertebrae pains
A219 Muscle pain from injury pains
A275 Back pain pains
A290 Pain, psychogenic cause pains
A292 Pain from cancer pains
A293 Pain, cramping pains
A294 Pain between the rib muscles pains
A299 Shoulder pain pains
A327 Trigeminal neuralgia pains
A352 Wound pain after surgery pains
A356 Toothache pains
A359 Cervicobrachial syndrome pains
C3 Stomach pain pains
C14 Acute pain pains
C124 Backache 1 (if no relief from these, use -kidney stimulation- frequencies, magnesium and B6, and drink plenty of water) pains
C125 Backache 2 pains
C126 Backache and spasms 1 pains
C127 Backache chronic lower 1 pains
C150 Bile duct 1 (spasms and pain) pains
C197 Bunion pain pains
C274 Cancer pain pains
C404 Costalgia (rib pain) pains
C738 Hip pain (use also -Arthritis-) pains
C890 Joint pain basic TR (also known as pain) pains
C901 Knee joint pain pains
C1066 Muscular pain and injury (also see -Pain- and -Antiseptic in general-) pains
C1103 Neuralgia trigeminal pains
C1137 Pain, acute pains
C1138 Pain in general (also look under name of condition causing pain) pains
C1139 Pain of cancer pains
C1140 Pain of infection pains
C1141 Pain relief pains
C1420 Sedation and pain relief pains
C1421 Sedative effect (reported use on bleeding, bruises, insomnia, sinusitis) pains
C1535 Surgical pain post op pains
C1547 Tendomyopathy pains
C1589 Trigeminal neuralgia pains
U3 Abdominal pain (place one electrode on solar plexus – one on belly) pains
U9 Acute pain pains
U43 Backache pains
U60 Brachial neuralgia (apply electrodes to elbow and head) pains
U98 Costalgia (rib pain) pains
U199 Hip pain (as in coxarthritis) pains
U226 Intercostal neuralgia (pain in rib musculature) pains
U238 Knee, joint pain pains
U273 Muscular pain, injury (also see -pain-, reportedly these are applied to the focus of injury or pain for short periods) pains
U282 Neuralgia, trigeminal pains
U298 Pain (also look under name of condition causing pain) pains
U299 Pain of infection pains
U300 Pain of cancer pains
U381 Surgical pain, post-op recovery pains
U386 Tendomyopathy (apply to the focus of injury or pain for short periods) pains
U400 Trigeminal neuralgia pains
A4 Obesity pains
A14 Anemia metabolism
A54 Diabetes metabolism
A55 Diabetic constitution metabolism
A108 Joint inflammation as a result of gout metabolism
A114 Gout metabolism
A269 Rickets metabolism
A277 Lack of oxygen metabolism
A347 Soft tissue rheumatism metabolism
A350 Wound healing, delayed metabolism
C7 Acidosis (hyperacidity, also use a calcium magnesium supplement long term) metabolism
C203 Calcifications metabolism
C469 Diabetes type 1 (warning: can cause large drop in blood sugar level) metabolism
C470 Diabetes type 2 metabolism
C471 Diabetes-associated infection metabolism
C472 Diabetes, secondary metabolism
C473 Diabetes, tertiary metabolism
C474 Diabetic loading metabolism
C475 Diabetic toe ulcer 1 (also use -Staph aureus- frequencies and see -Staph in general-, -Antiseptic in general-, and -Circulation stimulation- as needed) metabolism
C648 Gout (also use water cure and high dose bromelain or other enzymes, see also -Kidney- frequencies) metabolism
C651 Grave’s disease and goiter metabolism
C764 Hyperparathyroidism metabolism
C902 L lysine, to stimulate metabolism
C966 Lymph plaque metabolism
C967 Lymph stasis metabolism
C968 Lymph stasis, secondary (also see -Lymphangitis-) metabolism
C969 Lymph support metabolism
C1285 Phaqocyross stimulation metabolism
U12 Adrenal stimulant metabolism
U109 Diabetes metabolism
U110 Diabetic loading metabolism
U178 Gout metabolism
U214 Hypoxia (low oxygen) metabolism
A31 Flexure contracture of the fingers (Dupuytrens contractur) metabolism
A32 Movement disorders disturbed (Ataxia) Musculoskeletal system
A33 Restricted movement in old age Musculoskeletal system
A62 Dysfunction of the musculoskeletal system Musculoskeletal system
A77 Epicondylitis Musculoskeletal system
A107 Inflammation of the joints Musculoskeletal system
A141 Lumbago Musculoskeletal system
A157 Sciatica Musculoskeletal system
A168 Broken bone Musculoskeletal system
A169 Corneal disease Musculoskeletal system
A170 Bone injuries Musculoskeletal system
A186 Inguinal hernia (general hernia) Musculoskeletal system
A212 Ankylosing spondylitis Musculoskeletal system
A217 Muscle cramps Musculoskeletal system
A218 Muscles, stiff Musculoskeletal system
A220 Muscle wasting (dystrophy) Musculoskeletal system
A222 Neck, stiff Musculoskeletal system
A223 Neck, cramped Musculoskeletal system
A298 Shoulder, stiff Musculoskeletal system
A306 Spasticity, muscular Musculoskeletal system
A321 Tennis elbow Musculoskeletal system
A340 Sprain Musculoskeletal system
A349 Spine, stiffening Musculoskeletal system
C77 Tennis arm Musculoskeletal system
C108 Athlete’s foot (also see -Epidermophyton floccinum-, -Tinea-, and -Trichophyton rubrum- frequencies) Musculoskeletal system
C166 Bone disease and periodontal disease (see -Osteo- frequencies, combine with adequate nutrition, especially protein, essential fatty acids, and minerals, especially calcium and magnesium) Musculoskeletal system
C167 Bone regeneration (combine with adequate nutrition, especially protein, and minerals, especially calcium and magnesium) Musculoskeletal system
C168 Bone spurs (also use mineral supplement plus high dose bromelain and water) Musculoskeletal system
C176 Brachial neuralgia Musculoskeletal system
C194 Bruises Musculoskeletal system
C393 Contusion (bruise) Musculoskeletal system
C482 Disc, herniated Musculoskeletal system
C484 Distortion (twisting of muscles, spine) Musculoskeletal system
C495 Dupuytrens contracture (4th and 5th finger curling into hand, unable to straighten) Musculoskeletal system
C546 Epicondylitis (tennis elbow, lateral or vertical) Musculoskeletal system
C611 Frozen shoulder (also use -strep pneumonia- if necessary) Musculoskeletal system
C938 Lumbago Musculoskeletal system
C947 Luxation (dislocation of organs or joints) Musculoskeletal system
C1064 Muscles, to relax Musculoskeletal system
C1065 Muscular dystrophy (disorder characterized by weakness and progressive wasting of skeletal muscles despite no concomitant wasting of nerve tissue, aspartame, mercury, benzene, lead, and toluene can cause same symptoms, also use -Parasites flukes- and see -Parasites in general-, -ALS-, and -MS- sets) Musculoskeletal system
C1293 Plantaris Musculoskeletal system
C1312 Polyarthritis Musculoskeletal system
C1371 Rheumatism (also use -Arthritis, rheumatoid-) Musculoskeletal system
C1460 Spasms, muscle Musculoskeletal system
C1484 Stiff muscles, comp Musculoskeletal system
C1486 Stiff muscles Musculoskeletal system
C1487 Stiff muscles, secondary Musculoskeletal system
C1488 Stiff neck Musculoskeletal system
C1489 Stiff shoulder (see also -Rheumatism-) Musculoskeletal system
C1529 Subluxation induced disorders Musculoskeletal system
C1530 Sudor pedis (excessive foot sweat) Musculoskeletal system
C1626 Vegetative dystonia (involuntary muscle dysfunction) Musculoskeletal system
C1652 Whiplash Musculoskeletal system
U24 Ankylosing spondylitis Musculoskeletal system
U37 Ataxia (incoordination of muscles slow results in some cases) Musculoskeletal system
U38 Spastic ataxia Musculoskeletal system
U39 Athlete’s foot Musculoskeletal system
U40 Athlete’s foot, secondary Musculoskeletal system
U56 Bone disease, periodontal disease (see osteo) Musculoskeletal system
U57 Bone regeneration Musculoskeletal system
U58 Bone spurs Musculoskeletal system
U66 Bruises Musculoskeletal system
U97 Contusions Musculoskeletal system
U113 Disc, herniated Musculoskeletal system
U114 Distorsion (twisting of muscles, spine) Musculoskeletal system
U120 Dupuytren’s contracture (4th and 5th finger curling into hand, unable to straighten) Musculoskeletal system
U129 Epicondylitis Musculoskeletal system
U156 Foot blisters Musculoskeletal system
U157 Fractures Musculoskeletal system
U160 Frozen shoulder Musculoskeletal system
U227 Intermittent claudicaticin (behind the head) Musculoskeletal system
U247 Locomotor dysfunction (sometimes slow results) incoordination Musculoskeletal system
U249 Lumbago Musculoskeletal system
U252 Luxation (dislocation of organs or joints) Musculoskeletal system
U267 Motion sickness Musculoskeletal system
U272 Muscular dystrophy (suggestions only, no reports for these) Musculoskeletal system
U319 Plantaris Musculoskeletal system
U355 Slipped discs (spasms from microbial toxins) Musculoskeletal system
U360 Spasms, muscle-spastic paresis Musculoskeletal system
U363 Spondylitis, acute Musculoskeletal system
U366 Stiff neck Musculoskeletal system
U367 Spastic stiff neck Musculoskeletal system
U368 Stiff muscles in general Musculoskeletal system
U370 Stiff shoulder Musculoskeletal system
U377 Subluxation induced disorders Musculoskeletal system
U411 Vegetative dystonia (involuntary muscle dysfunction) Musculoskeletal system
A1 Abortus Musculoskeletal system
A8 Acupuncture blocks Irregularities, Extraordinary Event
A40 Bleeding Irregularities, Extraordinary Event
A45 Nipples, sensitive Irregularities, Extraordinary Event
A46 Humpback Irregularities, Extraordinary Event
A80 Frostbite symptoms Irregularities, Extraordinary Event
A91 Foetor Ex Ore (bad breath) Irregularities, Extraordinary Event
A105 Mental disability Irregularities, Extraordinary Event
A142 Heat stroke and sunstroke Irregularities, Extraordinary Event
A155 Insect bites Irregularities, Extraordinary Event
A166 Childhood illnesses Irregularities, Extraordinary Event
A171 Colic Irregularities, Extraordinary Event
A177 Head injuries Irregularities, Extraordinary Event
A242 Fainting spells Irregularities, Extraordinary Event
A247 Preparing for surgery Irregularities, Extraordinary Event
A289 Hiccup Irregularities, Extraordinary Event
A296 Cuts Irregularities, Extraordinary Event
A339 Injuries Irregularities, Extraordinary Event
A342 Confusional states in old age Irregularities, Extraordinary Event
C13 Acupuncture disturbance field (scar focus) Irregularities, Extraordinary Event
C24 Adhesions Irregularities, Extraordinary Event
C169 Bone trauma (cuts, fractures) Irregularities, Extraordinary Event
C571 Fainting Irregularities, Extraordinary Event
C582 Fever sunstroke Irregularities, Extraordinary Event
C607 Fractures healing Irregularities, Extraordinary Event
C610 Frostbite Irregularities, Extraordinary Event
C668 Head injury follow-up (Seek immediate medical attention for head injuries!) Irregularities, Extraordinary Event
C704 Hernia Irregularities, Extraordinary Event
C737 Hiccups Irregularities, Extraordinary Event
C761 Hydrocele (fluid in testicle, etc.) Irregularities, Extraordinary Event
C998 Measles with vaccine (try for autism) Irregularities, Extraordinary Event
C1422 Seizure 1 Irregularities, Extraordinary Event
C1426 Sexual dysfunction men (see also -Circulatory stasis-, -Orchitis-) Irregularities, Extraordinary Event
C1531 Sun allergy (examine prescription drugs, such as Psoralen-,for photo sensitization properties) Irregularities, Extraordinary Event
C1532 Sunstroke Irregularities, Extraordinary Event
C1614 Urea plasma Irregularities, Extraordinary Event
U19 Anaphylaxis Irregularities, Extraordinary Event
U45 Bad breath (halitosis) Irregularities, Extraordinary Event
U59 Bone trauma (cuts, fractures) Irregularities, Extraordinary Event
U103 Cuts Irregularities, Extraordinary Event
U159 Frostbite Irregularities, Extraordinary Event
U189 Head injuries (Seek immediate medical attention!) Irregularities, Extraordinary Event
U192 Hemorrhage Irregularities, Extraordinary Event
U197 Hiccups Irregularities, Extraordinary Event
U204 Hydrocele (fluid in testicle, etc.) Irregularities, Extraordinary Event
U205 Hyperacidity of stomach (electrodes on solar plexus and on stomach) Irregularities, Extraordinary Event
U304 Paralysis, spastic Irregularities, Extraordinary Event
U305 Paralysis, nonspastic Irregularities, Extraordinary Event
U315 Phaqocyross, stimulates Irregularities, Extraordinary Event
U325 Pre-op and post-op (surgery), prevention and control of nosocomial (hospital-acquired) and idiopathic infection Irregularities, Extraordinary Event
U379 Sunstroke Irregularities, Extraordinary Event
U380 Surgery, prevention and control of nosocomial (hospital) and idiopathic infection Irregularities, Extraordinary Event
A3 Adenoid growths Irregularities, Extraordinary Event
A112 Ulcer Growths, swellings, edema
A113 Tissue swelling Growths, swellings, edema
A121 Hematomas, sprains Growths, swellings, edema
A122 Hemorrhoids Growths, swellings, edema
A241 Edema Growths, swellings, edema
C516 Edema (see also kidney and lymph stimulation) Growths, swellings, edema
C692 Hemorrhoids Growths, swellings, edema
C1313 Polyp in general Growths, swellings, edema
C1537 Swelling (edema, see also -Kidney insufficiency- and -Lymph stasis- frequencies) Growths, swellings, edema
U10 Adenoids Growths, swellings, edema
U11 Adhesions Growths, swellings, edema
U128 Edema Growths, swellings, edema
U145 Fascia (fibrous tissue under the skin) Growths, swellings, edema
U180 Grave’s disease, goiter Growths, swellings, edema
U193 Hemorrhoids Growths, swellings, edema
U195 Hernia Growths, swellings, edema
U324 Polyps Growths, swellings, edema
U383 Swelling (edema) Growths, swellings, edema
U384 Swollen glands Growths, swellings, edema
U406 Ulcers Growths, swellings, edema
A162 Caries Growths, swellings, edema
A253 Periodontitis tooth
A354 Teeth, strengthening tooth
A355 Dental foci tooth
A374 Dental infection (roots and gums) tooth
C449 Dental and jaw bone infections 1 tooth
C450 Dental and jaw bone infections 2 tooth
C451 Dental foci (neglecting this can prevent recovery from any illnes if infection is a problem) tooth
C452 Dental in general (see also -Toothache-) tooth
C453 Dental infection (roots and gums) tooth
C454 Dental infection 1 tooth
C456 Dental infection 2 tooth
C458 Dental infection and earache 1 tooth
C460 Dental infections TR tooth
C461 Dental infections v tooth
C596 Fistula dentalis tooth
C639 Gingivitis (inflammation of gums, see also -Dental-, -Dental foci-, and -Stomatitis-, take calcium and magnesium internally and brush with CoQ10 and myrrh or goldenseal) tooth
C649 Granuloma dent tooth
C898 Kidney tonic in general tooth
C899 jaw osteitis (a type of bone inflammation marked by enlargement and pain) tooth
C1152 Periodontal disease tooth
C1278 Periodontal disease (see also osteo and dental infection frequencies) tooth
C1279 Peritonitis tooth
C1568 Toothache (to neglect this can prevent recovery from any illness, should also be treated professionally, see also -Dental-, -Dental foci-, -Gingivitis-, and -Pyorrhea-) Inflammation
VEG4 Dental Infections v tooth
U105 Dental foci (neglecting this can prevent recovery from ANY illness) tooth
U181 Gums (inflammation, gingivitis, pyorrhea) tooth
U334 Pyorrhea (a mouthwash of ordinary drugstore variety hydrogen peroxide (3%) is very helpful in raising the oxidation potential of the tissues and preventing reinfection once eliminated) tooth
U393 Thrush (aphta, sprue, stomatitis) tooth
U396 Toothache (to neglect this can prevent recovery from ANY illness) tooth
U397 Tooth extraction (follow-up frequencies) tooth
WEI17 Morton’s Neuroma tooth
ALT4 Borrelia Musculoskeletal system
OE1 ADD with Hyperactivity Infections
ALT5 Sphincter General disorder
ALT10 Penile Induration General disorder
WEI7 Chorioretinitis General disorder
MON1 Colitis, including collagen eyes
ALT15 Cancer Penile (Penis) Inflammation
ALT2 Keratosis, actinic Tumor / cancer
ALT3 Keratosis, seborrheic Tumor / cancer
ALT7 Lymphoma, B-Cell Tumor / cancer
ALT8 Oropharyngeal Cancer, human papilloma virus Tumor / cancer
OEI1 Pancreatic cancer, also exocrine and islet Tumor / cancer
OEI7 Basaliom Tumor / cancer
WEI18 Epithelioma, Basal Cell Tumor / cancer
WEI19 Squamous Cell Carcinoma, Spinalioma Tumor / cancer
XQUL1 Leiomyosarcoma Tumor / cancer
ALT11 Erysipelas, skin inflammation Tumor / cancer
ALT1 Borrelia skin
WEI4 Borrelia (including Lyme disease) Infections
BOE1 Human papillomavirus type 16 Infections
ALT6 Mucor Racemosus Parasites directly
ALT9 Trichomonas Infections Parasites directly
XWEI17 Morton’s Neuroma 1 Parasites directly
QUA1 Legg-Perthes Disease Musculoskeletal system
QUA4 Depression Musculoskeletal system
WEI20 Hallux Valgus Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
ALT12 Cysts Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
ALT13 Larynx 2018 Tissue encapsulation, fibroma, cyst
BOE4 Enterococcus faecium, secondary Throat, nose, ears
XQUL1 Leiomyosarcoma Parasites directly
OEI2 Bulbospinal Neuronopathy Tumor / cancer
OEI3 Hemispinal Cord Syndrome Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
OEI4 Muscular Atrophy, Spinal Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
OEI5 Spastic Spinal Monoplegia Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
OEI6 Asbestosis Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
ALT14 Ascites Inflammation
BOE2 Prevotella melaninogenica Inflammation
BOE3 Enterococcus faecium Parasites directly
WEI21 Restless Legs Syndrome Parasites directly
QUA2 TBE virus (early summer meningoencephalitis) Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
QUA3 Hantavirus Infections Parasites directly
QUA7 Mumps, also parotitis Infections
QUA5 Echinococcinum (tapeworm from dogs and other animals) Inflammation
QUA6 Microsporum audouini (a fungus which commonly causes ringworm of the scalp and other areas) Parasites directly
RTT1 Depression Parasites directly
XWU1 Esophageal sphincter, including bile reflux Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
XWU2 Complex special application (edlaw) Stomach, intestines and digestion
OEI8 Leaky Gut Syndrome without assignment
WUXX Test pattern Stomach, intestines and digestion
OEI9 Cancer Esophageal without assignment
QUA8 Lipoma Tumor / cancer
QUA9 Lipomatosis Tumor / cancer
OEI10 Parainfluenza Tumor / cancer
WEI22 Virus Comprehensive (includes H1N1, H5N1, Ebola, Rhinoviruses, Rotaviruses, Influenza A-B) Cold / flu-like infection
ALT15 Cancer Penile (Penis) Cold / flu-like infection
ALT16 Polymyalgia Rheumatica skin
ALT17 Gilles de la Tourette Syndrome General disorder
ALT18 Pericardial Effusion Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
ALT19 Taenie (tapeworm) Cardiovascula
ALT20 Taeniasis Parasites directly
WEI26 Tapeworm Infection Infections
ALT21 Arthritis, arthrosis, and parathyroid disturbances affecting calcium Infections
ALT22 Hydrocephalus Inflammation
ALT23 Mesothelioma Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
ALT24 Yersinia Infections Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
BOE7 Morganella morganii Parasites directly
WUX1 Bacillus cereus 2 Parasites directly
WEI23 Esophagitis Parasites directly
WEI24 Marble Bone Disease Inflammation
WEI25 Desmoid Musculoskeletal system
WEI27 Apnea (Apnoe) Tumor / cancer
WEI28 Apnea (Apnoe), Sleep, Central breathing
WEI29 Pyelonephritis breathing
WEI30 Nail Fungus Kidney, bladder, urinary tract, prostate
QUA11 Respiratory syncitial virus skin
QUA12 Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infections Parasites directly
QUA13 Respiratory Tract Infections Parasites directly
IBM1 Respiratory syncitial virus breathing
WEI31 Ehrlichiosis (Ehrlichien) Parasites directly
WEI32 Hyperopia, Hypermetropia Parasites directly
WEI33 Dysphagia (difficulty swallowing) eyes
WEI34 West Nile Fever Irregularities, Extraordinary Event
WEI35 Tick Paralysis Parasites directly
WEI36 Proteinuria Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
WEI37 Epiglottitis Kidney, bladder, urinary tract, prostate
WEI38 Brain Vascular Disorders Throat, nose, ears
WEI39 Astigmatism Cardiovascula
WEI40 Optic Nerve Diseases eyes
WEI41 Borna disease (disease in animals, but also in humans) eyes
WEI42 Petechiae Inflammation
OEI23 Acute Inflammatory neuropathy skin
WEI43 Polyomavirus Infections (BK-Virus JC-Virus) Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
WEI44 Aicardi Syndrome Infections
WEI45 Vocal Cord Paralysis genetics
QUA14 Streptococcus enterococcinum (can cause infection in the digestive and urinary tracts) Throat, nose, ears
WEI46 Filariasis (for lipedema, e.g. caused by roundworm) Parasites directly
WEI48 Medulloblastoma, desmoplastic (desmoplastic small cell soft tissue cancer) Parasites directly
WEI49 Connective Tissue Diseases (Ligament) Tumor / cancer
WEI50 Mixed Connective Tissue (Ligament) Musculoskeletal system
WEI51 Skin and Connective Tissue Diseases Musculoskeletal system
WEI47 Sudeck Atrophy Musculoskeletal system
WEI52 Diabetic Retinopathy Musculoskeletal system
WEI53 Hepatitis, Viral, Human eyes
OEI11 Fasciculation (eyelid twitching) Parasites directly
WEI54 Fibromatosis, aggressive eyes
WEI55 Fibromatosis, juvenile hyaline Inflammation
WEI56 Parasites Trichuris sp. (male), wipeworm Inflammation
WEI57 Blood Coagulation Parasites directly
WEI58 Blood Diseases Blood quality
OEI15 Colitis, Ulcerative Blood quality
OEI16 Rosacea Inflammation
OEI17 Cerebroatrophic H. skin
OEI18 Lichen Sclerosus et Atrophicus Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
OEI19 Multiple System Atrophy Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
ALT25 Bruxism (gnashing of teeth) Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
OEI20 Erythropoietic Porphyria General disorder
OEI21 Anemia, iron deficiency metabolism
OEI22 Vasculitis Blood quality
SYL1 Norwalk, Noro virus Inflammation
SYL2 Cancer Squamous (squamous epithelium) Parasites directly
SYL3 Jaundice / bilirubinemia 1 (see also -Jaundice / bilirubinemia 2-) Tumor / cancer
SYL4 Jaundice / bilirubinemia 2 (see also -Jaundice / bilirubinemia 1-) Liver, pancreas, spleen
SYL5 Porhyromonas gingivalis 1 (beginn with it) Liver, pancreas, spleen
SYL6 Porhyromonas gingivalis 2 (use it – if SYL5 is not helpfully) Parasites directly
SYL7 General Ear Conditions Parasites directly
BOE6 Human Coronavirus Wuhan 2020 Throat, nose, ears
ALT26 Hyperhidrosis Parasites directly
WEI10 Mastocytosis General disorder
ALT27 Hemangioma Tumor / cancer
OEI24 Perthes Disease Tumor / cancer
ALT28 Pseudoxanthoma Elasticum Musculoskeletal system
XUL10 Human Coronavirus Wuhan 2020 V3 genetics
ALT29 Cancer Ovarian Parasites directly
SYL8 Cellulitis Tumor / cancer
SYL9 Fibromyalgia metabolism
WEI59 Tyrosine Transaminase Deficiency Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
LIE1 Cancer General disorder
SYL10 Cataract Tumor / cancer
SYL11 Cataract 2 eyes
XUL11 Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) 4 eyes
WEI60 Strabismus breathing
SYL12 Cancer 1 of Holmans 3-Day-Protocol eyes
SYL13 Cancer 2 of Holmans 3-Day-Protocol Tumor / cancer
SYL14 Cancer 3 of Holmans 3-Day-Protocol Tumor / cancer
SYL15 Pain from cancer (all types) Tumor / cancer
BOE8 Acinetobacter baumannii pains
SYL16 Amyloidosis Parasites directly
XUL12 Human Coronavirus Wuhan 2020 V4 Infections
SYL17 Calcium metabolism, deficiency of calcium Parasites directly
SYL18 Chlamydia pneumoniae in multiple sclerosis 1 (afterwards SYL19) metabolism
SYL19 Chlamydia pneumoniae in multiple sclerosis 2 (previously SYL18) Parasites directly
QUA15 Clostridium infections Parasites directly
ALT30 Marfan’s Syndrome Parasites directly
SYL20 Thrombocytopenia genetics
SYL21 Increase erythrocyte count Blood quality
SYL22 Lymph system circulation / increased drainage Blood quality
SYL24 Treponema denticola Glands, hormones
SYL23 Lymph Drainage – Short Sign Parasites directly
SYL25 Sjogren’s Syndrome Glands, hormones
SYL26 Borrelia, Lyme, Bartonella Inflammation
SYL27 Borrelia, Lyme, Bartonella (shortened sentence) Tumor / cancer
XUL13 Lung carcinoma 1 (modified from Dr. Loyd) Parasites directly
XUL14 Lung carcinoma 2 (modified from Dr. Loyd) Parasites directly
XUL15 Lung carcinoma 3 (modified from Dr. Loyd) Tumor / cancer
SYL28 Sebaceous cyst Tumor / cancer
SYL29 Prion amyloidosis Tissue encapsulation, fibroma, cyst
SYL30 Glans inflammation Parasites directly
SAL1 Human Coronavirus 2021 V5 (Frequency Research Foundation – USA – Jeff Sutherland – previously BOE2 Prevotella melaninogenica and C1068 Mycobacterium tuberculosis HC) Parasites directly
CUZ1 Rope worm according to Dr. Loyd Parasites directly
ALT31 Endophthalmitis eyes
SYL31 General procedure for eye diseases eyes
SYL32 Mycobacterium avium / avian tuberculosis (short protocol) Parasites directly
SYL33 Mycobacterium avium / Bird Tuberculosis (full protocol) Parasites directly
RF1 Human Metapneumovirus Parasites directly
ALT32 Fusobacterium Infections Parasites directly
SYL34 Polycythema vera Liver, pancreas, spleen
RF2 Multiple Sclerosis (part of day 1 complex program MS or ALS) Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
RF3 Herpes Type 6 (part 2 day 1 complex program MS or ALS) Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
RF4 Lyme (part 3 of day 1 complex program MS or ALS) Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
RF5 Herpes Typ 6 (Teil 2 Tag 1 Komplexprogramm bei MS oder ALS) Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
RF6 ALS (part 1 of day 2 complex program MS or ALS) Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
RF7 Herpes Type 6 (part 2 of day 2 complex prohgram MA or ALS) Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
RF8 Lyme (part 3 of day 2 complex program MS or ALS) Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
RF9 Chlamydia (part 4 of day 2 complex program MS or ALS) Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
RF10 Detox Body (part 1 of day 3 complex program MS or ALS) Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
A379 Tooth Plaques II 5HC tooth
A380 Caries (N) HC 3 tooth
A381 Rhizobium melilo HC Parasites directly
A382 house dust mite HC Parasites directly
A383 Taenia pisi cyst HC (tapeworm cyst) Parasites directly
A384 Echinococcus Granulosus HC Parasites directly
A385 wart cervix HC Infections
A386 Trypanosoma rhodesiense HC Parasites directly
A387 Stephanurus dentatus HC (Nematode) Parasites directly
A388 Plasmodium falciparum HC Parasites directly
A389 Leucocytocoon HC Blood quality
A390 Haemonchus contortus HC Parasites directly
A391 Fasciola hep Redia (liver fluke) HC Parasites directly
A392 Enterobius vermicularis HC (pinworm) Parasites directly
A393 Dientamoeba fragilis HC Parasites directly
A394 Ascaris HC (Spulwurm) Parasites directly
A395 Troglodytella larva 2HC Parasites directly
A396 Streptococci spp HC Parasites directly
A397 Staphylococcus aureus 1 HC Parasites directly
A398 Salmonella Typhimurium HC Parasites directly
A399 Propionibacteria HC Parasites directly
A400 Mycoplasma 1 HC Parasites directly
A401 Klebsiella pneumoniae 2 HC Parasites directly
A402 Hepatitis B antigen HC (surface protein) Parasites directly
A403 Epstein-Barr Virus HC Parasites directly
A404 Coxsackie virus B1 HC Parasites directly
A405 Candida albicans HC Parasites directly
A406 Bacteria Capsules 1 HC Parasites directly
A407 Lycogala epidendrum (blood milk fungus) HC Parasites directly
A408 Aflatoxin (mycotoxin of fungi and molds) HC Parasites directly
A409 Argyria and Argyrosis HC Irregularities, Extraordinary Event
A410 Bacillus subtilis (hay bacillus) HC Parasites directly
A411 Campylobacter pyloridis HC Parasites directly
A412 Corynebacterium xerosis HC Parasites directly
A413 Enterobacterium aerogenes HC Parasites directly
A414 Haemophilus influenza HC Parasites directly
A415 Klebsiella pneumoniae 1 HC Parasites directly
A416 Mycobacterium tuberculosis HC Parasites directly
A417 Nocardia asteroides 2 HC Parasites directly
A418 Salmonellen Enterobakterien HC Parasites directly
A419 Spirillium serpens HC Parasites directly
A420 Streptococcus pyogenes HC Parasites directly
A421 HPV (Warzen, auch bei Husten) HC Parasites directly
SYL35 Stachybotrys chartarum Parasites directly
SYL36 Atemwege breathing
SYL37 Pneumocystis carinii 1 breathing
SYL38 Pneumocystis carinii 2 breathing
A422 Bordetella pertussis HC Parasites directly
SYL39 Keuchhusten breathing
A423 Cytochalasin B Parasites directly
A424 Stemonitis Parasites directly
A425 Bacillus cereus Parasites directly
A426 Blepharisma Parasites directly
A427 Bakterien HC Parasites directly
A428 Corynebacterium diphtheriae (Klebs-Loeffler-Bazillus) HC Parasites directly
A429 Eikenella corrodens HC Parasites directly
A430 Gardnerella vaginalis HC Parasites directly
A431 Influenza B HC Infections
A432 Mykoplasma 2 HC Parasites directly
A433 Proteus mirabilis 1 HC Parasites directly
A434 RS-Virus HC Parasites directly
A435 Sphaerotilus natans HC Parasites directly
A436 Treponema pallidum HC Parasites directly
A437 Veillonella dispar HC Parasites directly
A438 Balantidium coli HC Parasites directly
A439 Cryptocotyle lingua HC Parasites directly
A440 Entamoeba histolytica HC Parasites directly
A441 Fasciolops Buski HC Parasites directly
A442 Hypoderaeum conoideum HC Parasites directly
A443 Leishmania tropica HC Parasites directly
A444 Plasmodium falciparum HC Parasites directly
A445 Schistosoma mansoni HC Parasites directly
A446 Trichomonas vaginalis HC Parasites directly
A447 Dental Plaque II 4 HC Parasites directly
A448 Karies (N) 2 HC tooth
A449 Mucor mucedo HC Parasites directly
A450 Demodex Folliculorum HC Parasites directly
A451 Tyroglyphus Farinae HC Parasites directly
A452 Multiceps serial HC Parasites directly
A453 Zystische Echinokokkose HC Parasites directly
A454 Warze JB HC Infections
A455 Urocleidus HC Parasites directly
A456 Trichoris spp HC Parasites directly
A457 Schistosoma haematobium HC Parasites directly
A458 Passalurus ambiguus HC Parasites directly
A459 Leishmania  mexicana HC Parasites directly
A460 Haemonchus contortus HC Parasites directly
A461 Fasciola-hep-miracle HC Parasites directly
A462 Entamoeba-coli HC Parasites directly
A463 Clonorchis sinestesia HC Parasites directly
A464 Ancylostoma caninum HC Parasites directly
A465 Troglodytella 1 HC Parasites directly
A466 Streptococcus pneumoniae HC Parasites directly
A467 Shigella sonnei HC Parasites directly
A468 Pseudomonas aeruginosa HC Parasites directly
A469 Nocardia aster 1 HC Parasites directly
A470 Mycobacterium phlei HC Parasites directly
A471 Influenza A HC Parasites directly
A472 Gaffkya tetragena HC Parasites directly
A473 Diplococcus pneumoniae HC Parasites directly
A474 Clostridium septicum HC Parasites directly
A475 Campylobacter HC Parasites directly
A476 Bacteria anthrax spo HC Parasites directly
A477 Zearalenon HC detoxification
A478 Griseofulvin HC detoxification
A479 Adenovirus 1 HC Parasites directly
A480 Bacteria Capsules HC Parasites directly
A481 Borellia burgdorferi HC Parasites directly
A482 Chlamydia trachomatis HC Parasites directly
A483 Coxsackie Virus B4 1 HC Parasites directly
A484 Erwinia amylovora HC Parasites directly
A485 Herpes simplex I 1 HC Parasites directly
A486 Lactobacillus acidophilus HC Parasites directly
A487 Proteus mirabilis 2 HC Parasites directly
A488 Serratia marcescens HC Parasites directly
A489 Staphylokokkus aureus HC Parasites directly
A490 Anaplasma marginale 1 HC Parasites directly
A491 Besnoitia HC Parasites directly
A492 Dirofilaria immitis HC Parasites directly
A493 Eurytrema pancreaticum HC Parasites directly
A494 Fasciola Redie HC Parasites directly
A495 Iodamoeba butschlii 1 HC Parasites directly
A496 Loa loa HC Parasites directly
A497 Plasmodium vivax HC Parasites directly
A498 Stigeoclonium HC Parasites directly
A499 Trypanosoma brucei HC Parasites directly
A500 Warze Plantar HC Infections
A501 Echinococcus multilocularis HC Parasites directly
A502 Taenia pisiformis eggs HC Parasites directly
A503 Bird mites 1 HC Parasites directly
A504 Rotifer HC Parasites directly
A505 Dental Plaque I 1 HC tooth
A506 Dental Plaque I  2 HC tooth
A507 Dental Plaque II 1 HC tooth
A508 Dental Plaque II 2 HC tooth
A509 Dental Plaque II 3 HC tooth
A510 Karies (N) 1 HC tooth
A511 Scabies HC Infections
A512 Moniezia expansa HC Parasites directly
A513 Warze HRCm HC Infections
A514 Trypanosoma lewisi HC Parasites directly
A515 Trichinella spiralis HC Parasites directly
A516 Sarcocystis HC Parasites directly
A517 Paragonimus westermani HC Parasites directly
A518 Leishmania donovani HC Parasites directly
A519 Giardia-lamblia HC Parasites directly
A520 Fasciola-hepatica HC Parasites directly
A521 Endolimax nana 2 HC Parasites directly
A522 Chilomonas HC Parasites directly
A523 Ancylostoma brazil HC Parasites directly
A524 Streptococcus mitis HC Parasites directly
A525 Shigella flexner HC Parasites directly
A526 Proteus vulgaris 3 HC Parasites directly
A527 Neisseria gonorrhoeae HC Parasites directly
A528 HIV HC Parasites directly
A529 Escherichia coli HC Parasites directly
A530 Diplococci diphtherie HC Parasites directly
A531 Clostridium perfringens HC Parasites directly
A532 Moraxella catarrhalis HC Parasites directly
A533 Bacillus anthracis 3 HC Parasites directly
A534 Sterigmatocystin HC detoxification
A535 Adenovirus 2 HC Parasites directly
A536 Alpha streptococcus HC Parasites directly
A537 Bacillus anthracis 1 HC Parasites directly
A558 Bacillus anthracis 2 HC Parasites directly
A559 Bacterium fragilis 1 HC Parasites directly
A560 Bachterium fragilis 2 HC Parasites directly
A561 Beta streptococcus HC Parasites directly
A562 Clostridium acetobutylicum HC Parasites directly
A563 Clostridium botulinum HC Parasites directly
A564 Coxsackie Virus B4 2 HC Parasites directly
A565 Cytomegalovirus HC Parasites directly
A566 Cytophaga rubra HC Parasites directly
A567 Erwinia carotovora HC Parasites directly
A568 Escherichia coli 1 HC Parasites directly
A569 Herpes simplex II 2 HC Parasites directly
A570 Herpes simplex II HC Parasites directly
A571 Herpes Zoster HC Parasites directly
A572 Histoplasma capsulatum HC Parasites directly
A573 Leptospira interrogans HC Parasites directly
A574 Masern-Antigen HC Parasites directly
A575 Mumps-Antigen HC Parasites directly
A576 Proteus vulgaris 1 HC Parasites directly
A577 Proteus vulgaris 2 HC Parasites directly
A578 Shigella dysenteriae HC Parasites directly
A579 Streptococcus lactis HC Parasites directly
A580 Capillaria hepatica HC Parasites directly
A581 Chilomastix mesnili 1 HC Parasites directly
A582 Chilomastix mesnili 2 HC Parasites directly
A583 Fasciola-hepatica HC Parasites directly
A584 Iodamoeba butschlii 2 HC Parasites directly
A585 Leishmania  bras HC Parasites directly
A586 Metagonimus yokogawai HC Parasites directly
A587 Myxosoma HC Parasites directly
A588 Naegleria fowleri HC Parasites directly
A589 Onchocerca volvulus HC Parasites directly
A590 Prosthogonimus ovatus HC Parasites directly
A591 Strongyloides HC Parasites directly
A592 Toxoplasma HC Parasites directly
A593 Trypanosoma cruzi HC Parasites directly
A594 Hymenolepis cysticercoids HC Parasites directly
A595 Hymenolepis diminuta HC Parasites directly
A596 Moniezia (Scolex) HC Parasites directly
A597 COPD Virus HC Parasites directly
A598 Caries HC tooth
SYL40 Bartonella quintana (Dr. Loyd) Parasites directly
SYL41 Bartonella quintana, short sequence (Dr. Loyd) Parasites directly
SYL42 Acanthamoeba castellani (causes acute infections of the eye) Parasites directly
SYL43 macular degeneration eyes
SYL44 Cataract and Vision Improvement (Full Set) eyes
SYL45 Cataract and Vision Improvement (shortened sentence) eyes
SYL46 macular degeneration and cataracts eyes
SYL47 Mycobacterium avium in macular degeneration (long protocol – electrodes next to the eyes – set low intensity) eyes
SYL48 Mycobacterium avium in macular degeneration (short protocol – electrodes next to the eyes – set low intensity) eyes
SI1 desulfovibrio desulfuricans Parasites directly
SI2 desulfovibrio vulgaris Parasites directly
SI3 methanobrevibacter smithii Parasites directly
SI4 methanosphaera stadtmanae Parasites directly
FR1 Feline herpesvirus type I 1 (feline rhinotracheitis virus) Parasites directly
FR2 Feline herpesvirus type I 2 (feline rhinotracheitis virus) Parasites directly
FR3 Feline calicivirus Parasites directly
FR4 chlamydophila felis Parasites directly
FR5 bordetella bronchiseptica Parasites directly
TU1 Human herpesvirus 8 (Kaposi’s sarcoma virus) Parasites directly
SYL49 thrombophlebitis Inflammation
SI5 Desulfovibrio piger Parasites directly
SI6 Fusobacterium varium Parasites directly
ALT33 Cerebrovascular Diseases Nervous / psychological / psychiatric processes
SYL50 Bacillus botulinus / botulism Parasites directly
SYL51 Coordination difficulties / movement disorders Musculoskeletal system
SYL52 Muscular Dystrophy Musculoskeletal system
QUA16 Echovirus (Endometriosis tuberylosa, causes a type of meningitis) Parasites directly
ALT34 Encopresis (repeated volitional or involuntary defecating) Irregularities, Extraordinary Event
C263 Lyme Borrelia 6 (Borrelia afzelii) Parasites directly
ROT1 Fasciola gigantica Parasites directly
ROT2 Fasciola gigantica 1 Parasites directly
OEI25 Arsenic Poisoning detoxification
XUL16 Human Coronavirus Wuhan 2020 V5 Parasites directly
ZAN1 Stenotrophomonas maltophilia Parasites directly
WEI61 Klippel-Trenaunay-Weber Syndrome Irregularities, Extraordinary Event
BOE9 Candida auris Parasites directly
SYL53 Adrenal function, for balance and normalization metabolism
SYL54 Adrenal gland, glandular fever and toxicity Glands, hormones
SYL55 Thyroid function, to balance 1 Glands, hormones
SYL57 Thyroid function, to balance 3 Glands, hormones
SYL56 Thyroid function, to balance 2 Glands, hormones
SYL58 Squamous Cell Carcinoma (Dr. James Bare) Tumor / cancer
SYL59 Mycosis Fungoides Parasites directly
WEI62 Papillom, Squamous Cell Carcinoma Tumor / cancer
WEI63 Weak respiratory chain, mitochondria General disorder
WEI64 Mitochondrial Myopathy General disorder
WEI65 mitochondrial diseases General disorder
XXTEST01 Testpattern 1 no assignment
ROT4 Opisthorchis felineus (cat liver fluke) Parasites directly
ROT3 Yersinia enterocolitica Parasites directly
XXTEST02 Testpattern 2 no assignment
BOE10 Simian Virus 40 Parasites directly

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